Tuesday, February 10, 2015

You can do better at home.

You can do better at home.
The main idea is integrity. That’s it.
To send our children to “formerly” famous schools that now seem to spread their own propaganda, well I object. They, simply said, seem to lack in integrity.
Now like any parent we want our children to succeed and be happy in their own right. Usually that means educating them, and not indoctrinating them. Nobody is born educated, period.
We have a wonderful land in the new world USA, and we have wonderful people who live here.
I would even say, let us exploit it as best and responsibly as we can. And the heck with now “formerly” elitist type schools, and instead focus on teaching our children to be successful in more local schools; happy, and always responsible.
After all, our children are the future, like normal.

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