Monday, October 31, 2011

Voting with our pocket book

No matter what anyone in our leadership class says about things today in the USA, all of us know about our pocket books. And we vote that way, as in what we buy, or don't buy. And many also vote with their feet, as in where they choose to live, work, and raise a family. Again, no one from our leadership class (who I used to deal with, and they are often fine people, too) can convince most otherwise. And along those lines, the recent Euro deal that causes many to take a 50% bath (like invest $100...get back $50) is widely reported in the USA as a good deal, though I suspect those taking a bath would not agree, as in voting with their pocket book.

One can imagine much friction and change coming to the western societies.

Thank goodness a place like the new world USA has the best of all worlds (like the West and the East combined), but even things have to sort out here, too. For example, I think many people in the new world USA want change (the federal vote for President in 2008 being an example), and that thirst and goal is still around. And by golly, the change will happen, be it pocket book, moving, or voting, and yes, maybe even a revolution.

It sure looks like it is going to take change to the old status quo to make that happen, like the two dominant national parties will decline as a third party arises. Yep, this is an exciting time, comparable to the 1776 revolution period, though our own version in this decade, like from 2010 to 2020. My thoughts are historical, that is while the times and technology certainly has changed, we humans have not changed that much.

So in conventional wisdom from our USA past, one might plot a political campaign like a military campaign. But lying does not win battles when things like our pocket books, and integrity, come into play.

So I have made up my mind that I will enter the political process, as much demand that makes on my time. And along the way, I just want to be happy for me and my Family.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

The friction continues in the new world USA

Been there, done that, is an old time expression. This expression continues to work today.

The present day Tea Party, to me, is a movement, and not a "party". It is kinda like the Hippie movement decades ago. Yet today, its opponents continue to try define it, as if it is reported in the press, then it must be true. For me, being a child of the 60's, I think otherwise. What surprises me is that a lot of other fellow citizens think the same way, more than I ever thought so. Yep, the times they are a changin'.

There was a time in my youth, kinda like the present day folks who think differently than I do, that I bought their line. "Lee Harvey Oswald, where are we now that we need you" comes to mind. And even I thought about going out to Taos, New Mexico, getting naked, growing corn in the desert, and living in a cave. Instead I joined the Marines, which pretty much did the same thing, with a better quality of life, if you don't mind going in harm's way part of the time. Neither approach will get you rich, or even well off.

Yep, Marines are Americans, too.

So I now fear many people will die through the do-gooder intents and efforts and federal government practices today. It's the classical debate about do good intentions count, or does practically count?

What has gotten my attention is the effect on my remaining life. I am age 63, and don't want to die cold and miserable. I live in a rural part of America, and pretty much live (at least 1/3 or more) off the land. I would say 100%, but I do go to the local grocery store to get food, including dog food. Now some of it all sounds glorious, like the noble Indian idea, until you get to live this Hippie way. Yep, I don't want to be a Taos Hippie type. Presently, I wear long johns as I write, and time my farm maintenance work to the local weather.

So the present friction about the future of our new world USA has earned my attention, like time and effort. And, you know what, for the first time in my life, I am going to get politically involved. My military background has always taught me to not vote in federal elections so I could claim (sincerely) I will serve any Commander-in-Chief. Now, I am going to change, like vote.

So as part of the friction, am I a subject, or a citizen?

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Just a report from an old person

For the record, I am a male, age 63, and presently live on the Cumberland Plateau in east Tennessee. I moved here from Atlanta to an old Family place. And my father introduced me to the idea of reporting what is happening to my body as I age. As a Rambling Wreck engineer from GaTech, I also use the engineering approach, which is sort of scientific, too. My favorite movies are mostly from my youth and younger years, like "The Searchers", "Jeremiah Johnson", "The Outlaw Josey Wales", and even later "The Sand Pebbles". I also like some more modern movies, mostly directed by Lasse Hallstrom, a Swede. The "Cider House Rules", "An Unfinished Life", and even "Dear John" come to mind.

For me, I would report in two ways, since both affect me. One is the physical side of things, and the other is the mental side of things.

First, the physical side of things. I have run a bunch of marathons, like 17, but that pales by my belief back then that until about age 55, it was my life style getting me down; after that age kicked in. Add to that idea is that the hormone testosterone production is probably declining over time in my body, and now I am not as strong at age 63 than I want to be. This hurts my feelings. That is my observation today. Plus my time to heal from simple injuries is not what it used to be. While I do heal, it generally takes longer.

Second is the mental type of things. My last time in Okinawa (about 25 years ago) during a HASH run, a gal from MIT, serving as a Marine aviation supply officer, asked me the old joke about did I know what a "nooner" was. Well, of course I did, but then she said something like "it was a cup of soup and a nap", and that appealed to me as much as it hurt my feelings, too. Later she asked me "if I lived in menopause manor", which also hurt my feelings. Of course, I did live there, and was happy to be there.

One more mental type of thing I have thought about a lot, and tried to analyze the best I can. The subject is motivation.

I can report, for me, that the repeating of normal human things, like parental type things, is getting tiresome. I think I am becoming more "tough love", which I define as brutal honesty. Now in this case, some may listen, and some may not, but mentally I can accept the results more I could decades ago.

So, and last, I always heard that old people like me always wish they could impart their experience to their younger people growing up. I think now, again mentally, that most younger people don't want to listen, and such is the nature of humanity and history.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Knowing the difference between politics and the politician

While I may agree with a lot of the "progressive" politics in America, I also think we have a crummy federal president of the USA.

I also think our present federal President is not too smart, nor is his wife. They are a case of affirmative action gone bad. The evidence is out there for anyone who wants to think independently. Now I also think both are hard working, and often well intended, but, again, both are not that swift. And now we Americans get to suffer the consequences of this poor leadership during this time of great turmoil, which is obvious to most.

Another obvious thing to me is that the two major National political parties have failed our Country. After 100 plus years, they have had their chance, and they have done a poor job. It bothers me to think the status quo is such that their Party may be more important than our Country in 2011. It's time for a change, one might suggest.

Now I have always wondered what it was like during the 1770's American revolution from England. I always assumed great turmoil, kinda like today. Even the conventional wisdom people will suggest not to mess with the status quo, like even an American third party might split the vote and get Obama re-elected. So be it.

Even he, Obama, will get old and die off. Such is the nature of change in this vast wonderful land called the USA.

So what is a new American Party going to be called? I don't know.

But for sure, I think, is that the focus will be on us, Americans, and not the Parties of the last 100 years. All this will take time, like until maybe 2020 or later.

Great change is underway, and what a wonderful time to live and observe it all, and maybe even influence it in the new world USA.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Great change is underway in the world

The end of the beginning is past. The beginning of the end, our new future, is well underway. Those humans who resist change in the status quo are on the way out. Some don't recognize it and will resist in all ways they know how. This is where we are at now in the USA, and in much of the West. Use your own eyes and judgment and experience in making up your own mind.

The best example I can imagine is our human birth rate. In the West rates are dropping, probably due to collective instincts about what is best for we humans. It doesn't take a dictator or royalty to dictate what we do about enjoying sex. In the East, things are different as to timing, but a reasonable forecast is that similar patterns will follow in the next two decades as quality of life improves.

Now even most have seen, or perceived change, which is normal, like our children having different values, to include music and clothes (kinda like a peer uniform). Sounds normal to me. But what is appalling to me is the amount of poor education which has failed so many of our kids, who I think are well intended and often hard working and self-sacrificing, and woefully poorly educated. This is part of the change period friction. And any education is not a way to help those cold and hungry at any age.

Even I have had to study and form opinions about all the anti-war and other such isolationist and pacifistic and idealistic efforts that went on before WWII. Half the college students protested, for example. Our Congress passed Neutrality Laws, and the President signed them. It was a big deal. And funny, but most of all this effort disappeared once America was attacked. So our ancestors, all collectively, had something worth defending, and went forward in their own way. Families moved in together, rationing was introduced and reinforced, and generally we all worked together.

So during this time of present great change, two thoughts come to mind. One, the obvious one, is how is the present group of humans going to do? The other thought is will we humans go forward on our earth, or will some other alternative predominate?

Now is a time for true leadership, not political leadership. Just who steps up to the plate, and when they do it, is still up for grabs.

Now here in the USA, often this means reinforcing some, and canning others. After all, it is our fate and our children's fate, if we present adults do step up to the plate, and influence our future.

Hopefully in the USA we will use the vote. Others may use revolt or use revolution.

And lord hope we don't descend into anarchy during this great change time.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

In war, one can take casualties

And probably will, since that is the nature of the game. Now I suspect most of them serving our Country in the military and supporters know it, and even I have a kid who will go in harm's way, so this is not some academic subject to me. It is real world.

And we have something in our new world USA worth defending, for our own reasons. There is a lot to be proud of, or even pleased with as to the quality of life we have for ourselves and our Families. It didn't happen by itself.

Yet so many seem to think otherwise, even take what other fellow Americans are doing in their way, and often disagree. In this is the beauty of our new world USA. We can decide our future paths, as a people. I say this during a time of turmoil and great change, but so be it. It was obviously coming, but now it is here and not fun to go through.

I suspect many people will die, some in horrible ways like starvation and freezing and terrible human caused diseases. So be it. We have set all this we have to go through it. What a shame.

The good news is that the other end will be healthy and good for the survivors, especially for those humans in the new world USA. Not too shabby for the survivors, I would suggest.

But also, probably within one or maybe two centuries, all this present day turmoil will be forgotten and influenced by the present day human problems then. Such is the nature of the human game and influence. Here we go again, I would say.

But also, in the new world USA today, is hope for a better path for our descendents.

So back to the title of this post. One can take casualties as sorry it is to report will probably happen.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Why not hunker down in the USA these days

Let integrity and honesty reign!

Yes, when people quit loaning us in the new world USA more money, and we have to live within our means, which are considerable, then times will get hard during the transition. In this is hope for our American future; also the worlds' future.

The obvious things, to me is knowledge about how to reign, and our USA self defense. There are a lot of poorly educated and politically naive people around these days. They might even think they are educated, but for sure they are hired. And I think most are well intendended, and hard working, in their mind.

For example, on the how to reign idea, if one does A, then B will probably happen, eventually. So it appears to me we are unilaterally disarming the USA, and now local regional despots will arise, kind of like we humans always do, and use their own local judgments about how they want to go forward. Think Iran, or China, as examples. The new world idea is do we want to do this these days? Do we humans still count, or is it just the human leaders who affect us, with their own goals, and pasts, and problems, by the way.

In the end, Families count.

More on the idea of if one does A, then B, will happen. Our recent (2011) in the USA Congress and Executive have enacted a new federal law about overt homosexuals wanting to join and serve in the military. I think the intent was pretty idealistic, like equality for all. But I also think the enlistment rates and retention rates will suffer in the end. After all, we may enlist Americans, but we retain families. This belief will start right now, but may take decades to become obvious. Just what do the regular people think when the vote with their feet, and now how do they express it in their way and their places they live. Bottom line question, do these presently elected federal congress people, and their hired minions, now represent us?

So back to the title.

For example, our own federal staffers (who serve our federal Congress) have built their own individual gyms in D.C. at our expense. One house cannot enter the other's gym.

So back to the title. It is time to hunker down where ever you live, mostly for your Families sake, and go from there.

Lord hope we Americans these day still use the vote, vice a revolution kind of thing. I even have a local commie pinko liberal type of younger than me friend who suspects a revolution is coming, though I argue with him vociferously.

Friday, October 07, 2011

The sum is greater than the whole of the parts

I suspect most have heard this expression in one form or another. And at age sixty-three, I still wonder about our academic fascination with dividing a problem into the parts for analysis. That method I must live with, but, again, I still wonder why most humans don't try to analyze the whole? That would help me where I live.

To make things sound too simple, the idea of operations analysis was created in WWII just for this reason. So this idea is not rocket science.

Now some do try analyze the is often called the vote, or whatever method exists for people to assert themselves wherever they live.

Another usual expression one hears is "that there is something wrong with this picture." That's another way to say the idea of seeing how it all sorts out. And most have heard the forest and the trees ideas.

The other amazing thing to me, is the obvious consequence to me is so often ignored by others. After all, I am old, and going cold and hungry and dying off might be OK to others, but not to me. Said another way, we all do think differently, and one way or the other, one ought to get a chance to voice our view. Of course, in the end, we will. The main question is how.

But if it comes down to physical violence, like revolt or civil war or whatever, then what a shame. Again, and as a reminder, I live in the new world USA.

So back to the title of this post, and the idea of looking at things as a whole.

In my view, I think our present Federal executive is a crummy President, and has hired many like him. In the same vein, I agree with many of the ideals, but the pace of change and the basic competent management I have serious issues with, like give someone else a chance in this wonderful new world USA to make us "happy".

Now I don't need some academic to tell me what to think about his or her values, though I am confident they are hard working and well intentioned, too.

But so am I.

Hence "there is something wrong with this picture", and I will assert myself the best I can in our new world USA.

Thursday, October 06, 2011

Hang the guilty bastard

Now let's have a trial, and then hang the guilty son of a gun. Sounds American, to me.

But in the same vein, I hear and read that many other Americans think in more a judicial mentality than a military mentality. So be it, though it does drive me nuts. I suspect many Americans will have to die in this process...what a sad state of affairs.

Yep, it is already happening both in America, and throughout the world. Again, what a sad state of affairs! So many people alive today don't have to die, though they probably will.

Just ask the people in Syria, Libya, Dafur, or other such friction places.

Now any change is tough, but what grates me is the idea that dumb or even inexperienced people have influence that bring this about. That seems to be what is happening these days.

So if I am on to something, do we vote them out, which is my preference, and try to do something better. Plan B is to just hang the guilty bastards, which is probably counter-productive.

After all, I wish the best for my Family, and their future here in America.

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Congratulations do make a difference in your child

I've made my peace. All of us are partly the way our genetics made us, some may say the way God made us; and also partly the way our influential people in our lives made us, mostly our mothers and fathers.

And this post focuses on why fathers, males if you will, matter in the upbringing of children.

And bringing up children, the future of the human race wherever you live is a big deal, bigger than things like individuals and their rights and problems.

And boys and girls are different, thank goodness. Can't live with 'em and can't live without 'em is an oft common expression I hear.

And the sum is greater than the whole of the parts, so to speak in more scientific terms. Hence, kids benefit by having a mother and father "expressing" their points of view and values as children grow. Said another way, most of us are not born knowing "it all". We do have to be taught.

In my case, getting chewed out in the 8th grade over some infraction (OK I was in a fight where the other boy got his arm broken) was different between how my Mom handled it and my Dad handled it. But I paid attention, and learned some values along the way.

One more story. In the 2nd grade I led a playground fight for reasons I truly have forgotten, but the female yard monitor (a teacher) chewed me out really bad and changed my personality, in the process. I think she forget it, but I did not forget it.

So back to my point, that moms and dads do make a difference in our lives. I call it their influence on our lives. Good on 'em, too. Most grandparents will often chuckle under their breath to see their kids have their time in the barrel since it is often not fun.

So here's a sales pitch. Why don't we common citizens have rules, practices, and laws, that promote this kind of thinking that promotes Moms and Dads raising their children, as best they can?

Now these days in the new world USA, I don't hear much about this idea. So be it. But in the same vein, having a Mom and Dad at home sure does make a difference in how we turn out.

Sunday, October 02, 2011

A cathartic episode for America

In this episode there is much friction throughout the land. What will the screen writers write about the next episode, and in a way they can. But also we new world USA types can also write the script for the episode, too. Even we have indirect influence, too. These days the main influence is often the ratings, and the amount the advertisers and those paying the advertisers make off of an episode. Maybe we even are able to influence the script for the next episode, too. After all, we voters, new world USA types if you will, can vote with our pocket books, too. So a good script usually gets a good financial gain.

And I guess the next episode is still being decided, written if you will. Now maybe even that idea is more for next year's episodes.

The key point for me is that we people still are in charge, one way or the other. And the idea of "we people" is still changing, and so are the probable episodes that will entertain us. But one thing is constant, I think, in script writing. In the end, the people are in charge, and I sure hope the future scripts reflect this idea.

Some things are timeless...

Times and technology has changed, but we people may not have changed as the friction between brothers and sisters that his nifty cartoon suggests.

Now I suspect we all are familiar with what happens when hormones kick in.