Sunday, August 30, 2009

A modicum of civility
Most Americans I think associate being poor with the urban Black or Latino people. After all, that is what is presented to us in the media. The presentation is that they are poor through no fault of their own.
Yet I live on the Cumberland Plateau in Tennessee, and we also have plenty of poor people, almost all White.
I almost never hear about a dead beat factor, that is so many poor people are in that state out of choice (they are lazy), and our American churches and governments support it by donations and taxes. Just go to the local flea market, and see how fat these people are, and see what nice vehicles they have. More local knowledge also recognizes this class has enough money to screw and have babies, get tattoos, get piercings, do drugs, and do alcohol, and do cigarettes. I have personally seen a gal who did not even know the name of her present boyfriend. It’s a way of life, and it works.
The alternatives like seeing really poor people when going through a Philippine village after a typhoon simply are not part of our American experience.
So I suggest we Americans try to help our poor through no fault of their own, and even our dead beats, through the present system. Until I see another better way for change, we Americans are doing OK already in helping our less well off. At least that is how it appears to me on the Cumberland Plateau in Tennesse.
I am waiting for the opportunity for some tough love, though.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Political capabilities vs. intentions

There are alternatives to revolution, like the vote. This is a more American way, though we have done it the other way, too.

Those who try to guess their political opponents real intentions are usually wasting their time.

And the vote for Obama showed we Americans are ready for change, and now most know he is not the one. I think most suspect any Democrat or Republican is also not the one. After all, they got us into this mess after decades of control. Hence, another political party will arise based on an idea vice an individual.

These are momentous times, and one might recognize these fundamental shifts going on. The American people are just being themselves.

It is fair to say most of us want to be ruled. Common interests like transportation, clean water, waste water treatment, police and fire protection, etc, are why. And we are willing to pay local, state, and federal taxes to do so. And the idea of a Constitution still sells to most Americans. And our governments must deliver common services.

One does not change the course of an aircraft carrier on the ocean, or a country such as ours in our world, quickly. And our new world advantages still work. No wonder so many immigrate here. They are voting with their feet.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Can the present political leaders really change America?
Probably not.
The similarities to the Weimer Republic and the royal ruling of France under King Louis 16th are tending to predict our human behavior here in America. Is that what we want to replicate. This applies to both the present political leaders, and we common citizens.
We in the new world are normal human beings, and have a better deal than the rest of the world. No wonder so many people immigrate here. And most know this, and both are the practical get through life point of view and the more idealistic protect what we have point of view.
How will we react. I am not sure, but I think we will use our vote vice have a revolution. I can’t believe I am even discussing such a possibility. But there it is, and I think the American personality will tend more towards the vote than a revolution.
The most base ideas of political control are becoming apparent. And we elected them. What a fabulous political method to say one popular idea, and do another. I suspect we Americans will not go along. We Americans will be ourselves in the end. And we are different, and should be proud of what makes us different from the rest of the world. We people will not be stampeded into changing our country, though our political leaders may be.
If our country’s present political leaders try to circumvent the constitution, then a natural correction will occur, again through the vote I hope.
Last, our national politics under both present political parties have depended on borrowing. When our federal government can’t get loans, imagine what will happen, like we will have to live within our means, and politicians will have to fight over priorities.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Try ignore the merits of any case
It is realistic to ignore the merits of any case, and just focus on the facts. To develop this idea, one should think about capabilities vice intents. All that is going on today, presently health care reform and cap and trade, naturally fall into this normal category. Trying to figure out intents, which is the American way, is a waste of time to most people, though they will do it, anyway.
More alarming is so many American people who seem (ignorantly I think) to subjugate the American Constitution to their point of view and I believe, honestly held beliefs. Along the way in this process, these fellow Americans are becoming more like Banana Republic’s leaders in their method, and are using the best marketing methods to sell their idea (which used to be called Nazi propaganda). The idea of separation of powers and the Constitution has seemed to dim compared to executing one’s point of view.
There are other ways. Mostly there are American ways. We Americans are different from the rest of the world for a good reason, and so many people who come here are a sign of all this. The illegal south of the border people are the most recent example.
In the end, the merits of any case can be debated, manipulated, etc. But if it can’t be financed, then it in the end won’t happen. Back a couple of years ago, Moody, the financial rating firm, forecasted the federal borrowing bonds would hit junk bond status in 2016. Now it has been moved up by them to closer times, like 2010. Even President Obama has said if people won’t loan the money the federal government needs to meet the passed legislation, then “the party’s over”.
What does a country like the USA defaulting mean? Nobody really knows. One good guess is that the federal Congress will rescind most of the laws that demanded more federal borrowing. Also expect havoc to prevail. Uncertainty will be the main cause. Thank goodness we still live here and things will respond to our needs. Life and taxes will go on. And we are already paying considerable federal taxes. Imagine if federal politicians have to do the traditional debate and fight about distributing what federal taxes already exist.
One can reasonably guess that a third party will arise. Americans are more likely to vote than revolt. If a third party arises, this one will based on an idea vice all the earlier examples based on an individual. Whatever the name is assigned, it is hard to do (creating a national party). And many of this party’s members will be from the present Democrats and Republicans. And there is nothing in the Constitution about the two parties that run the country today. Even the Whig national party has long faded, so there is nothing constant. And one can also predict that an amendment will come out of all this, one that term limits members of the Senate and the House of Representatives. After all, they term limited the President already.
Back to the theme. Try ignore the merits of any case because finances will take over. This normally applies if our Country can’t pay for it, and these are idealist goals at best.