Saturday, September 20, 2008

The rise of a new National Party is well underway

“Vital” national interests are starting to be discussed in earnest. That is the way politics used to be.

One’s political persuasion has little to do with what is important to our survival and way of life. Frustration and cynicism seems to abound, but our families and personal security in all aspects always trumps. Quality of life can mean many things to many citizens, but simple and basic things life a job, food, heat, public health safety, and common infrastructure that benefits all citizens seems to be vital to most of us. The War on Poverty in the USA is of interest to our national psyche, but not vital to most citizens. And the two national parties have had long periods to work their magic and ways, but decades of their influence has seemingly made things worse. It is fair to say the courses of action they chose, and the time frames they chose, are not the only choices they and we had. For example, we have chosen to borrow vast sums of money to pay all the present bills that exceeded our tax incomes. And at the state, county, and city levels we have made many promises to our fellow citizens in government unions that all too often depend on rising property and sales taxes in perpetuity. Even all the social security and Medicare monies that we have been paying for decades have already been spent on today’s and yesterday’s bills. Is that what we wanted? Is that what we expected? And do we expect other people will continue to loan us money to help pay all our bills. There was a time in the past when no one in their right mind would loan the USA money, and we even had to have War Fund Drives to solicit loans from our citizens to fight World War II. For those who legitimately think that the loan status quo will continue in perpetuity, can they imagine if we can’t get the loans which have been so automatic in the past. Perhaps we will have to “time phase” our spending as in postpone certain spending interests in favor of “vital” spending interests today? What seems shameful is that we may not be able to wean ourselves off of borrowing until the time comes that we cannot borrow, and then another “crisis” will be upon us.

Our country has had two national parties in charge for many decades. And there is nothing in our Constitution that requires the present status quo of two national parties. Parties like the Whigs have come and gone in our past, and it can happen again. We have laws against bribery, but seem to tolerate similar things with lobbyists and the two national parties, today. We even amended our Constitution to put terms limits on those serving as President. We can do the same for those in Congress, if we choose.

Term limits for Congress, and the promotion of “vital” national interests can be the start of a new national party. Controlling “have nots” voting themselves benefits from the “haves” can be the basis of a new national party. Developing new public policies that emphasize growing national wealth before spending national wealth seems obvious to many. And America is oozing with leaders and leadership; some already serving as elected officials from the two present national parties, and others being forced into a new way of doing things and away from the two national parties. In any case, we have other alternatives to the present situation in the USA, and we are still in charge as long as we vote.