Saturday, July 30, 2011

It is time for a third party

I know the conventional wisdom, call it the status quo. All third parties fail in the end I am taught. And such is the record for the last century, I would report. Both present National Political parties say this, as well the National Media, which generally reports federal type "news".

But this time is different. This third party effort is based on an idea, not an individual, and his money. And I think this third party idea will come from all Americans, former democrats, republicans, independents, all.

That all this in under reported, or not recognized; sounds normal, like even during the times of the First American Revolution. Now we seem to be in a similar period. Call it "I wish I had another choice", maybe even a Second American Revolution. After all we are still the New World, which has shrunk, of course, but all we humans have left, which is still pretty good.

If this prediction is correct, then it will take time, like two or three election cycles, which I think of as two years per cycle. Some places are different, too. And this change I can guess at is at all levels, federal, state, county, city, and school board. For those impatient as to the pace of change, well do it your own way if you choose, and see what happens. I too am impatient, but know my own thoughts about the pace of change. And I am more interested in the change at more local levels, like county, city, and school board. Call this a bottom up effort to change things.

And the times they are a changin'. I suspect what Bob Dylan wrote now decades ago would apply today.

So I can also imagine I may have guessed wrong about be it. But I am confident that the times they are a changin'.

Mostly I want to help my Family anyway I can. I don't want to "share the wealth" with others, based on my lifetime of work and sacrifice which continues today. I especially am offended at others who want to do this. And since the government has gotten into the charity business with all it's rules, a lot of low lifes have filched off of the truly poor. I just prefer the more also established way of charity and helping the truly poor. And even this idea will probably take a third party. Where I live, I actually resent a 40 year old male who refuses to work, and still survives off of the government, and gets plenty of sex off of other low life local women.

So what is too happen. Even I don't know.

What I fear is that the voters, we Americans, may lose our choices, like what we want our future to be, to include our Families' future to be.

Hence, in my mind, the status quo will change, and it will be a painful process that will affect all of us, including me. Such is our place in life during such a time, but at least our future Families will come out OK in the end, I hope and think.

Like the title suggested, it is time for a third the USA.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Just another hope for our future.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

It is easier to figure out what you do not like than what you do like

Said another way, most of us know what doesn't work, but trying to figure out what will work is tougher.

This an universal idea, I think. Many have heard expressions like "this dog won't hunt". Or in the military I often heard "reinforce success, not failure". In politics I have heard ideas like "politicians keep doing the same thing over and over hoping for a different result". And another idea is that we are tired of hearing good theories with no proven track record. Last one hears things like success has many sponsors, while failure has none.

And of course I am now hearing we in the new world USA just can't afford it right now, whatever "it" is.

The idea I like is that how we think about our Families and our Nations is closer to we humans than reported these days. Mostly, most don't have much time to think about these things since we are busy running own own lives and Families, especially putting thinking about Nation things but on a lower priority level; and for sure know we want to take care of our Families, and indirectly, our Nation, mostly for selfish reasons I think. So what's new?

The older one gets, the more time to think, or have past thoughts add up, I also guess.

The more difficult thing to most, I think, is how to be a good parent, and there the results and opinions are all over the place. One just does the best they can, and see how it sorts out, and often helping their progeny along the way. I myself have seen a lot, like Families indulging their children, and Families who practice tough love. Like I said, what we parents do is all over the place.

And this idea seems to be universal, whether it is the new world USA or Okinawa or Turkey, which is my experience level. And yes, I have been to many other places, but I consider my time in Sweden or Denmark, or Saudi Arabia or Kuwait, or Korea, or the Philippines, or Scotland, more a snap shot picture which I know not to trust.

So now I wonder, since I think of myself as a political junkie, just what is going to happen in both our new world USA future, both near term (like the next few years), and far term (like the next few decades)? Mostly I wonder for the basic reasons, like how does it affect my Family, and also how does it affect our Nation's future?

So back to the title of this post. I sure have confidence in what I do not like, and also what I do like, though less.

That sure seems like a funny way to think or rule, but that is just the way we humans are, I think. Savvy rulers know this. Less savvy rulers don't know this.

So can we run a Country a savvy way. I sure hope we can, as in we common citizens voting to influence our future, at all political levels (like federal and state and county and city and school boards), albeit as flawed as we humans can be. The alternatives are less attractive to me, or so I think.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The status quo is changing

Now in fairness, nothing remains constant. Things like cultural values, empires, governments, business models, and even food preferences change routinely. In the same vein some things are probably more constant, like having retailers, feminine beauty products, and having to eat, and the desire to be warm with a roof over our heads. The obvious connecting link is we humans. And most humans want to be happy, which means good health and self respect to most.

But the rate at which the present status quo is changing appears to be quicker these days, and throughout the world. If you buy this line, then there are plenty of older examples, and plenty of opportunities to influence the change. Mostly the change is due to humans, but there are mother nature's wild cards, too.

And last, and as part of this primer, change can be both gradual, like evolutionary; and catastrophic, like a comet hitting the earth, or even a revolution. Both ideas introduce turmoil, and often many will die, though many will survive to emerge on the other side and the status quo then. And of course all this will go on ad infinitum.

So in a macabre sort of way, it is "interesting" to observe what is going on around the world, today. Certainly old western models are changing, to include the ideas of nation states, existence based on natural resources, and the results of governments over the last century. And certainly older world models are changing, too. This includes respect for older institutions, tolerance of the present forms of governments, be it tribal or dictatorial, as examples; and giving a higher value to deceitfulness than more western types value. I guess you have to live "over there" to believe this or even just observe this.

So what are we, whoever we are, to do? I suggest survive, and vote if you can to influence the action. If you can't vote, then use the other old time tried and proven ways to influence the action. Either way, the status quo is changing, and this is a good time to be alive just to be able to influence our human future.

Because for sure the status quo is changing. And the rate is quicker now than in our recent past, and probably will be in the near future, like until 2030 and later, when the rate of change may slow down.

Monday, July 25, 2011

The downstream side of the pipe

Much change is going on around the world, including the USA.

This change may affect me, but for sure it will probably affect my children and grandchildren. Such is life I guess.

The status quo of the last 100 years or so is changing, both politically, and business style.

Just how the present dinosaur political parties adjust is what is going to be different. Friction to change takes time, and time is on the side of those who want to live, and adjust. Think long term, like 10 or even 30 years.

The present friction in our elected Federal politicians in the USA is a classic example. They don't agree much, and it will impact us in the next few years, I think. After all, there are two visions for how the new world USA should go forward, and I sure hope we common citizens can still vote about what we think. I just hope no one side tries to dictate their opinion and rule kind of like a dictatorship or royalty. Then things will hit the fan, so to speak.

So what is it going to be like on the downstream side of the pipe in the next 100 years?

The quick and obvious answer is that nobody knows.

But here is a guess.

The way the world has run will change, mostly in good ways.

The bad ways include things like nuclear wars in many places, to include Asia, and the downstream side of things will be bad for a long time. Sometimes this friction will come from civil war, vice country war. And many people will die.

And then there are proverbial things like what the earth and space may do to the earth. Call them wild card type things.

So my bottom line is to respect our progeny, and let them sort it out as best they can. And I sure hope they also still have a vote in the new world USA. At the end of the pipe, of course.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Change is in the air

Like my normal style, let me define change. To me the times they are a changin'.

Most humans don't like change, especially the change in the status quo.

Yet it is going on which makes these times exciting both good and bad depending on your point of view. I still think there are good comparisons to the time of the American Revolution circa the early 1770's.

And part of this change is one's beliefs about short term and long term. Like I used to say in the Marines, I can dictate behavior, but I cannot dictate what people think, though some may try.

And the change I personally detect is mostly USA cultural. And it seems to be mostly generated from young people growing up in America. Maybe they have different standards from old people.

Here's one indicator. Low life subjects are beginning to fade in Hollywood movies after decades, especially the financing, and other more USA patriotic type subjects tend to be arising. Maybe people will spend their money on new kinds of movies and even music?

Another obvious indicator to me is how dysfunctional our Federal government has become, and we elected them. Said another way, there has to be a better way, and it will take change. Lord knows, it does not take another American Revolution. I still like to think my vote still counts, and won't be taken away. And I never forget many things that affect my life, and my kids and grandkids lives, are more local than Federal.

Another indicator to me is how we take care of our poor. Let me define American poor. Down and out from no fault of their own. And I feel a sense to help them out. And I sense how we take care of them, and those who filch off of this government involvement in charity is also changing. I myself have eaten government (tax payer paid) food just to prove I can do it. And all this food, and attitudes has helped them breed more poor young children (and they get plenty of sex), which is a terrible state of affairs right now. There is hope, even in the present system, by the way. Food banks may change "their" rules to recognize all this. The best way to help our American poor is more private charity oriented than government oriented, I think, and I sense this change is also in the air. Only time will tell of course, and I am thinking long term, like 2020 or later.

I sense that so many Americans think there is a "black" problem, though that is changing, too. Anyway, from my USA Marine point of view, I think this attitude is naive. There are plenty of African Americans in the USMC and the rest of the military who the bad guys don't want on our side. Said another way, those who think this way are probably thinking based on where they live and their experience and what they read. Well I live on the Cumberland Plateau in Tennessee, and there are plenty of similar low life types who are not African American. Let me say it another way, we have low life problems, and all are not always from black heritage. And even in this idea, I think the times they are a changin'.

Last it is pretty obvious that again immigration is changing the new world USA, kind of like normal, like our past. Some may not like it, either right now it is in our meal choices, later it may be in our female beauty choices, like at Walmart. But for sure change is happening. And so a current decades old fad idea of multi-culturalism may fade back to what is happening anyway...which I call another term, a melting pot, an old time term, by the way.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Hope for our American future

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Short term gain...Long term loss

This post is about the USA.

I suspect many are fed up with what they read and hear and see going on. Apparently the status quo of two national parties seems to be a guiding factor is how things sort out these days. And the way I read the tea leaves, most USA types still think short term. This idea still assumes elected politicians think they run the USA, vice influence the action with their judgments.

And in the present status quo, skills at debating, posturing, playing poker with our future, and even lying to advance one's point, seems be appreciated in our national media.

These are exciting times for many. Even it is kind of like the time during the American Revolution begun in 1776. Obviously, the times and circumstances are different, but the human aspects are probably similar. Enough is enough.

I personally have the advantage of having a financial advisor that I consider to be aggressive, hard working, and short term thinking. I personally like him because he does sports, too.

But suppose others who loan us money to finance our wonderful USA way of life quit loaning us money. One example is if inflation kicks in, then if loaning the USA 10 billion USD's for a 300 million USD's interest income results in the principle being returned, but thanks to inflation only has maybe 7 billion USD's value, then that is a dumb deal most would not take. My long term guess is that the USA is about a year or two from that point.

So can we live without borrowing to finance our wonderful federal benefits? The simple answer is yes, mostly because it is going to happen, anyway. Call this more long term type of thinking.

The more interesting thing, or idea, to me, is how do we USA citizens react, since most will suffer some way. I don't know, but here is a guess. We'll vote for politicians at all levels (school board, city, county, state, and federal) who help this process along. If the vote is taken away, then a revolution will probably occur. My guess is that a fighting revolution will not occur, but at all levels of political ruling (school board, city, county, state, and federal) a new group of politicians will arise to do what we citizens want to happen, where ever we live.

My "another" guess is that a third party will arise to help this process along. I don't know what it will be called, but I am pretty sure it will be made up of former democrats, republicans, and independents who want to change all things, including the status quo.

So think longer term, like 2020 or so.

And let me define my "longer term". It is my kids, and their kids.

Friday, July 15, 2011

The world wonders?

This title applies today, though it was born in WWII, if you believe the history, which I do.

Why does the world wonder today?

I don't know for sure, but this is still what I think. The USA is still a big deal in the world in all ways. What happens here still affects others throughout the rest of the world. This effect will probably last for another two decades or so, I think.

The new world USA electorate is still focused on many other things, like raising a family. Much of the "nuance" reflects this. Whatever happens here will probably be more family oriented, and often reflective of what our present politicians are and will do in the near future. A cynical individual, like I am, would suggest that many of we serf people are used to the status quo, as it affects them. And when the status quo changes, then the electorate will rise up and change their politicians, or so I think. What hurts my feelings, is that it will take family hurt and pain to have this happen. So much for "chattering".

Many in the next few years will be threatened as to their USA benefits, too. Like most, they want something for little contribution, and will use their vote to say so.

So why am I wondering? Because it did not have to happen as I sense things are unfolding today. Nobody wants to be cold and hungry, especially when it affects their kids. All want something for little contribution, but if and when it ends, then they go cold and hungry, burden their children, and in general, be unhappy campers, still with a vote.

So why is the "chattering class" even bothering to do their bit. I suspect mostly it is because that is a good job these days, and also they care about their families, too.

So why is the other class, kinda like the serfs, going on about their way. I don't know, but can guess. Of course it depends on where one lives, but in general one has many more problems than the upcoming 2012 elections in the USA.

So why is the new world USA still up for grabs?

Here's the good news. Compared to other places in the world, this is still a better place to be, and have a family.

I just hope our political leaders can influence the future decisions, vice the money makers when things turn sour, who after all, have families and have to make a living, too.

Like the title suggests, the "world wonders"?

And I wonder, too. Does it take family and societal pain to make change happen?

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Great change is already underway

The present debate about the spending limits in the USA federal government budget is a symptom, not the disease. Now that is the bad news.

The good news is that the new world USA is probably a good place to be during this great change time. There are worse places to be.

What is sad is that many decisions that affect our lives have already been made months ago. Most are financial, and most are made by humans at all levels I think. In other words, anything done now on the debt limit by politicians and their appointed minions is too late. Decisions have already been made, and are being executed on by others also with families who are also not politicians.

Now I also think there are two ways of evolution. The usual way is gradual evolution, like a lot of the Darwin stuff. But there is also catastrophic evolution, like a comet hitting the earth.

I believe this time that affects we humans is more the catastrophic side of things, and human caused vice something like a comet.

I also believe I will suffer too during this change time. Not just a change like in playing musical chairs in kindergarten, but being cold and hungry, and without public electricity. I will survive, though, or so I think.

Now I also think most USA citizens want and sense change is needed here. Hence the various elections, local (like school board, city, and county), state, and federal in the recent past. Change was a theme in the 2008 USA federal election, for example.

And I suspect the new world USA Constitution will emerge as a reinforced way of governing ourselves. I also suspect most people would rather decide their human fate than those that govern where ever they live.

Why others still impose their ideas on ruling those below them I still wonder about. I guess it is a human instinct.

Most want the best for their Family they have made, and it should all sort out about happiness, and confidence in their future.

But the change period is going to be painful, or so I imagine.

Saturday, July 09, 2011

Thoughts of a recalcitrant

Who would have thought it might end up this way. For sure, I did not. I even used to call my father a I call him thrifty.

Said another way, again as a recalcitrant, people are just going to have to die to get the ideas I and others have for free. At age 63 I can think that it is now their turn in the barrel (new world USA citizens), and they will probably figure it out just fine, whatever that is. Most of the people I think about are family oriented, by the way. But this person thinks a lot of pain will also go on in the interim, and people will die in the process. What a waste! It did not have to happen. And it seems we have elected those that are doing it to us in the USA.

Now the World is a big place, so other governments and the people that they rule are also in big numbers. And they count, too.

I still think the new world USA is the best hope for the world's future, but that is just an opinion in 2011. The idea of a people's Constitution still works throughout the world. Most places in the World work other ways, by the way.

Are we willing to fight for our way of life? I don't know these days, but I think so. I also wonder do we in the new world USA have to be backed into a corner to make it happen. I think that is what it will take. What a shame. But there is good news, too. A lot of young Americans already recognize this, and will act in their own way.

So regional powers like in Iran, or Russia, or China, will also act in their self interest according to their leaders ideas, but so will the new world USA. Some will be dumb enough to try conquer their neighbors. How many people may die from this friction worries me. And all this recalcitrant wants to do is live in peace. What a waste I think for those trying to conquer others. It will come to friction, and war, and death, to sort things out for maybe a century.

Now we can unilaterally disarm, too. The reasons could be our national character, or even financial.

But there is no free lunch. One can either disarm and go pacifist, or go to war, like fight for our new world USA way of life. To this recalcitrant, it is the future generation of new world USA citizens who will decide. Nobody wants to be attacked, or backed into a corner, or so I think. Whether we as a new world USA nation get to that point is a future decision, or so I think.

Last, much is up for grabs, and in a way others that are younger than the older generations will now rule the future.

Friday, July 08, 2011

We're already ahead of the power curve

Here's the good news. We in new world USA America are still in charge.

The present economic problems will be solved by we new world USA people, not the present lightweights in charge. This idea probably applies to both the two present USA national political parties, but only time will tell.

Now in fairness, we in the USA did elect our lightweights, and they in turn appointed their own lightweights to help them rule.

Two ideas predominate. One is that the new world USA is still a better place to be than other places in our world. The other idea is that all this will take time, like until 2016, or even later. But for sure, change is coming.

I still imagine the change in the status quo will be resisted, often and by any means. But for sure, change is coming.

After all, we love our Families, and few will put up with those who will hurt our Families.

And I still believe change will come through the votes, rather than a revolution.

Hence, please vote, at all levels, be it school board, city, county, state, and federal.

And let's see what happens to our satisfaction, or maybe dissatisfaction.

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Letting go

It is a painful process when our kids leave the nest, and go out on their own. It is especially painful when the kids enter the USA military, which has it own pretty professional training in its own right. After all, parents and kids are both in distress, too.

My only unsolicited suggestion is to not bring any untoward attention to them, since they have enough problems already. This assumes they will grow in their own right beyond what parents have already done, which is pretty normal to most. And, having been through boot camp, I understand and respect what was going on, at least as it was to me back then. Now it is my kid's turn.

You can tell them till you are blue in the face, but in the end, they have to learn, too.

So let "em go. And wish for the best. Some will fail. Even most will not like it, and bail out. That's normal, too.

It's fun being an old guy these days. I suspect most moms and dads will die along with me in our time, and our kids will inherit the earth in the USA that they grew up in.

So good luck in letting go, or doing whatever you may want to do.