Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Leading from the front

Most parents know this idea. Sometimes it comes down to tough love. The idea suggests most think our being is both inherited from our ancestors, and also conditioned by our upbringing. Along the way mother nature gets a vote, too. Most think boys and girls are different, too, and it begins at birth. Later mother nature's hormones will kick in, too.

If you buy this thought, then good policies help the "conditioning by our upbringing". Said as an example, government programs in the USA that promote families probably help our society.

Here's one example...the recent Caribbean Festival unrest in D.C. this last weekend. Other examples abound, like flash mob stuff around the USA that includes criminal action, and even just such common criminal behavior as beatings and robberies in Chicago.

Mostly many observers will think things like the blacks are lawless.

I think otherwise. Mostly I think these people need simple leadership, and standards taught by their parents. This idea is way beyond some government solution at the near term practical level. This is at a parental level, or a leadership level; and good policies and practices can promote this better behavior.

Examples abound, but how about promoting the family as a unit. I am old enough to report to the readers that many decades ago, this was a given, but now it is not. It seems our American culture and those we have elected in the last decades have changed all this, over time of course.

For those that still maintain a family unit, good on ya, since the USA needs these kind of people these days.

And Lord knows, such people still exist, in vast numbers it seems.

I am a retired Marine, and I can report there are plenty of sharp African-Americans who the "enemies" don't want on our side. Said another way now that I am retired, while recruiters can pick and choose the best, I think we as Americans still need to promote good policies that benefit USA society overall.

One little bit of humor, to me. I went thru the civil rights soft revolution in the USA decades ago (like I was in the 9th grade). Even back then I thought it would take generations for change to really happen as regards racial equality, but I never thought it would affect me.

Now the times have changed, and this includes me. I guess I need to die off for others to take charge. Fine.

But I sure hope others will step up to the plate in their time and lead from the front.

It is so obvious to me that good policies and practices will help our USA society in so many ways. The results will probably take decades to take effect, but one has to start somewhere.

Monday, June 27, 2011

A way to go forward

We in the new world USA have advantages...let's exploit them, like be ourselves. Said another way, let's reinforce success, vice failure. Seems pretty common sense to most, but then some fellow Americans still haven't come to this conclusion. It does happen, including to our political leaders at all levels, it seems.

How about we practice what we preach. Good policies will ultimately be rewarded. In this idea one must think long term, like one or two decades, vice short term like yesterday or next year. And I think to do this we will have to elect like minded individuals at all levels (like school board, city, county, state, and federal), and they in turn will hire the fellow Americans that can make all this happen. Anyway, this is a course of action that can work, I think. And in this scheme the goal is our future, like our kids' future. Forget us, I would say.

In my case, I expect to lose half the wealth I have come up with over decades. So any change sounds better than that. That is the present status quo, in my mind.

And what do you expect in this present day roller coaster type of ride as to our future?

For me, the times they are a changin'. And I hope I can have some influence in the process. And I sure hope the new world USA is a best case example of what we citizens will do to enhance our kids futures in this new world USA.

The process is typical for a country as big as the USA. This is not rocket science, in the old time vernacular. And this process should go forward at all levels to enhance our kids and our futures. We can make it happen, whatever we decide by our votes.

Last, I just hope we can still vote, vice something like anything else. I really don't won't to take up arms just to force or suggest my opinion on others. Hence this sales pitch and post.

And why the sales pitch. Well, I would prefer we citizens influence our future than those who might loan us money in both the short term, and the long term. After all, they have to make a living, too. But I don't want them in charge of my future.

Who knows, maybe they won't even loan the new world USA money for a while, be it the near term, or the long term.

Back to things in perspective. Many, and most new world USA citizens still have jobs, and do a mighty fine job of paying their taxes at all levels. So, things in perspective again, how about we adjust down to what we can pay for, which is pretty significant. Now that is a way to go forward, too.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

When will results and performance come back?

I suspect it will be sooner than many 2020 or maybe 2025.

Said another way, paying public money for good intentions is a poor way to evaluate politicians performance, like vote for them. As examples, just look at the education of our children where you live, or the rise of the poor out of poverty about anywhere, or the success of our American effort in the Middle East. In the latter case it is not just money, but blood and family lives of those involved.

In my case, I have a 9th grade daughter that spells psyched as siked, which again I offer as an example. And I know a local dead beat person who filches off the government programs to help the poor. He is age 40, and won't work, like get a steady job. But he is well fed and alive and well and gets plenty of sex, to boot.

What is "appealing" is the performance question, and even more simple questions. For example, why has the government been involved in the charity business since the 1960's? Are the past choices the best for the mission, for example? Or why can't we do all energy things that benefit us, not just "green" things that simply can't benefit us in the next two or more decades? Why is the government even involved?

More and more it sure seems like we are in one big high school clique, whose rules shift with the wind. Maybe that is tolerated in high school because it always happens anyway, but is that anyway to run a new world country like the USA?

With age comes wisdom is often said. I would add some experience, too. Hence, while things may be crummy here, just live elsewhere to compare, and you know what, things are better here in the new world USA than most other places in the third world I have lived. Just look at emigration patterns to make up your own mind.

Said another way, seeking a perfect new world USA ought to be tempered with practices that promote good results and performance. Now that is a voter decision, not some present day politician's decision. Hopefully by the vote, maybe by revolution, we come up with politicians who can do this kind of thing. And performance and results should be considered.

In the meantime, we get what we've been electing.

And the times they are a changin'.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Much telephone friction is underway

I happen to live in a rural part of east Tennessee.

I also happen to had been without phone service (including DSL) for going on five days. In my case, like all cases I suspect, I have my bitches, too. In my case it has to do with heart stuff appointments, plus getting my kid into West Point paper work stuff (doing fax stuff, for example), plus helping map a local girls' camp (including horseback riding trails allowed to overgrow), for which I need internet access to make a pretty map, plus I just do my business and email and shopping this internet way these days. And I pay for all this.

Now I don't mind living like a common citizen, since I am one of them these days.

And my phone and internet provider is Frontier, which has a local monopoly for reasons I do not know why, though I can guess.

What I finally got out of them (after five phone calls through my cell phone) is that there is an area wide problem, which at least I can understand. But what I do not accept is the priority given we common citizens in rural east Tennessee. What I heard today is a bucket truck may be needed, and is not available right now, like I have to wait days. And Frontier chooses to keep me in the dark in the meantime.

More than a day without service is unusual. Now I am up to five days. And this area has not suffered some terrible storm damage other Americans have suffered. And my electric and satellite TV service is just fine, and we have had our share of bad thunderstorms. For example, last week I went without electricity for about two hours during the day.

Hence it is time to ask my local politicians to introduce phone company competition to this rural area. If Frontier can't fix their phone problem with their monopoly in five days, maybe somebody else can. I have already started that process, by the way. That process includes local politics to take away their monopoly. And if no one else will bid on land line service, so be it. At least I'll know my choices.

It upsets me that this present day Company has paid leaders who influence my life in an adverse way these days, and kept me in the dark, without service for five days, about whatever the problem was.

Now I also accept that other phone and internet providers may not do as well, especially since the problem may be above their level, sometimes.

At least give me a choice. Then the levels who need to hear might hear. Right now I don't even have a choice. So back to using my cell phone just to gain and verify a heart check appointment (echo sonogram). And, of course, I have shared all this with the Frontier people I can speak with.

And I do have a choice, in the end. I will shop elsewhere, vice having to use my cell phone just to get and verify a heart check appointment. The cell phone service up here is pretty good. And there is competition there for my money. And we have had terrible weather, too, during which the cell phone service did just fine.

Now I assume Frontier's business model includes going into rural areas "with a monopoly" in order to provide rural service. But I also assume that business model is now decades out of date. I "assume" this based on my experience. And if I am supposed to get a message from Frontier, I do.

The message I get "is to go elsewhere", which I will do.

And I used to live in Atlanta, and moved back up here to get away from all this. And I have experienced phone service in various third world countries, and I can report this is poor service here in rural east Tennessee, at least compared to where I used to live in the various third world countries I lived in.

Living on about a square mile of land is a benefit that will probably keep me up here until I die. But lack of land line phone service is something I will not tolerate for going on five days. Thank goodness technology provides me choices not available even ten years ago.

And instead of just complaining, I am now just giving Frontier enough rope to hang itself, like report all this to the various newspapers, and the local politicians. In the old vernacular, I will sing like a canary if they even pick it up. Having been a Marine recruiter, I know how to do a "news release", for example.

Only time will tell. This will be a multi-year effort I assume. But this will be another mission in life, I assure the readers. No future American citizens should put up with this. More than a day or two without phone service is unusual, like something else is going on. Especially if you pay for it.

PS Just the facts, mam. After 5 plus days, a nice repairman showed up and did a 1/2 hour repair job at my house area. And I am back online. Hence this post I can now do.

PPS I have done some homework, and think to hook up my Microsoft home network through wireless is still not an option right now. I do think I can routinely hook up one computer thru wireless, though that is not my objective. Hence my main choice is to try get some land line competition up here, like take away Frontier's monopoly. Hopefully, the timelines of competition and technology changes may converge in the next year or two to my benefit.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Dialectical materialism

Now that's a phrase one does not hear too much these days. But in the 19th century it was part and parcel of Marxist Theory. Especially the dialectics part.

Yet even today in the 21st century I read the Dalai Lama says he is a Marxist. Now I wonder, does he mean what he says, or has the definition changed, or more likely, is he just educated and experienced enough to be dangerous? I don't know myself, and won't waste my time guessing about him.

I have moved on.

Now I also wonder just how trapped we are by our ancestors' decisions during their time in influence. For example, are we always bound by their choices for borders (like the Durand Line), or creating nations out of tribal areas (in Africa and Asia), or even creating some Nations and ignoring others, like Baluchistan.

My point is that we are in charge, and not bound by our ancestors' past, though that should certainly be taken into consideration. After all, they have left us their best efforts in their time's definitions. Said another way, are we going to send our military men and women to some foreign land to fight for some old idea?

My vote, or unsolicited opinion, is that any peoples will always act in their local interests (perceived or otherwise), to include protecting their women. I would. And that is often not the same interests as the outside "invader". Now that could be a recipe for just going along or doing nothing, but that is also incorrect. There are good reasons to invade, but it had better be in the national interests' of the invader, whose citizens will accept the consequences, like the death, maiming, or injury to their children who serve in the invading military force.

So back to the title of this post.

Are we acting in today's time, or just reinforcing decisions and theories our ancestors had?

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Every man and woman for themselves

Don't take the bait, though many will.

The logic is simple, if you buy it.

Western leadership over the last decades has led the world to bad things happening to we common world citizens, today.

The best way out, I think, is the new world USA, and whatever we come up with. After all, we all want to survive, men and women, and have our progeny succeed, to boot.

Now how we pick our governments, be it feudal like the old Europe, or tribal or royalty or dictatorial, like much of Asia and Africa, or more often like governments in evolution, like South Africa, or the Philippines, or hopefully like the new world USA where we common citizens still have a chance to vote, and influence our futures, and our kids futures, too, is always up for grabs.

Again, one must just buy this logic line.

In this logic line, buy what the new world USA people are doing, I hope. Now this logic line will also be 10 or 20 years long, I also think.

The counterweighing way of thinking is to support the status quo, where ever you live. Many USA people have voted this way.

Good luck in how you influence things where you live.

Whether it is dictated to we common citizens, or decided, in the end, by we common citizens, is also still up for grabs, in my mind. At least this is what I think and observe in the new world USA.

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Just what does civil unrest mean?

I can't believe it has come to this in our new world USA. By that I mean, it is difficult to even imagine the idea. Certainly, I hope, we never get to this state of affairs. Yet I have read the question or statement in our National Press that civil unrest may arise.

The answers I imagine include the seeds of a civil war, or a revolution. In that I mean people taking up arms, deciding loyalties, and simply defending themselves and their Families. In the multiple choice academic world, it could be answer "D", "all of the above".

Now I have some friends around the world who already have to put up with this lawlessness. One is a former South African SAS fellow, one is a Venezuelan Marine, and many live in the Philippines.

So back to the basic question as it pertains to the new world USA.

What does civil unrest mean? Only time will tell, if it even happens.

Here are some hints. News articles like "borderline riots". How about Park closes early to prevent worse things happening. How about gangs shutting down events in lake front areas in Chicago? How about where you live?

We all have a commonality and community to work together for our common good. In that this idea includes dictating standards of behavior that all must hold to. If that is not happening where you live, then one just has to go work, to include voting, to reinforce ways to "make it happen". Hopefully we don't have to take up arms to do what our local governments and charities are supposed to do. And expectedly, we should have a place to make our Families safe and able to succeed, as in be happy.

So what does civil unrest mean? To me, where I live, it is time for the majority to go to work, at least more than they have done in the last few decades. Hopefully, the vote is still a good tool in the bag of tricks to make this happen.

Monday, June 06, 2011

Culture and feminism

It's kinda funny reading the national press about our culture here in the new world USA, especially about feminism.

Even today I have been presented with three things to challenge me.

1) Women make up half the human world, and want to be treated equally. Even political correctness (PC) pretty much supports this idea.

2) I saw an advertisement of a young female dressed seductively (and on purpose to appeal to males and impress fellow females, I think), so I also think men and women are still different. The dichotomy is real, as much as many don't want to talk about it. But we can have it both ways, if we want to.

A) I have been a military recruiter, and there are plenty of American females who will accomplish the mission, and make my quota easier to make, by the way.

3) Who pees in the public pools more? Even today, I don't think anyone knows, though there are many guesses. My guess is more males pee in the pool than females, but I don't really know.

So the subject also comes up, to me, about affirmative action. Having taught at Atlanta University, I pretty much believe in the "diamond in the rough" idea. But I have also observed kids and their parents being taken advantage of by this idea. After all, who wants a lawyer or doctor who advanced by an idea and not being competent. Or how about a Morris Brown graduate who can't even qualify to be a Private in the US Marine Corps. Watching him cry in front of me was especially memorable. He was a good guy who got screwed, in my opinion.

So here is hope for our new world USA. We citizens of our future will change it, one way or the other. And by citizens I mean those willing to work for their future, and their children's future. Is that human enough?

Sunday, June 05, 2011

Vote locally

It is the local votes that affect my life, and my families lives, most often.

Now that hard times are coming, here is a chance to affect our lives, like who we vote for and the priorities they (those we elect) assign to their future budgets. For example, do they continue the status quo as best they can, or give priorities to those who still pay taxes. In my case in Putnam County in Tennessee and the City of Monterey, can I expect similar police and fire protection, for example, over feeding deadbeats through the food stamp program. Or are the old status quo's still applying to me and them in their decisions. Now this is a voting issue, to me.

Now these kinds of decisions may be tough to those used to dispensing funds, vice deciding priorities and defending their decisions. Like I said, vote locally, since, especially, the times they are a changing.

Having been a Marine, there is a tradition I tried to follow of not voting so as to be able to say I serve the USA Commander in Chief. Now that I think I, or my Family, may die early because of politicians, has changed my attitude. I just hope I can vote all the time, and have it count. If that fails, well, there are other alternatives in the new world USA. Lord knows it does not come to that. That idea is probably the best reason I still appreciate where I live. Now I have lived around the world, too.

So vote locally, I would say. And see what happens. Some places will be different from others, and let the voters sort that out, too.

Much change is going on, thank goodness.

The next decade or so will be interesting from an historical point of view. Will the new world people in the USA actually be able to vote to affect their future, or will other means arise? I don't know right now.

Saturday, June 04, 2011

I'm not going to take it anymore.

This classic line from the movie Network still applies, at least to me.

For me, if I am PO'd or frustrated, I just know to sleep it off, and things will generally be better in the morning.

So now another report to others. After 7 days, I am still not going to take it anymore. I am still PO'd, and I have slept on it.

In my case in Putnam County on the Cumberland Plateau in Tennessee, I had vandals now do thousands of dollars of damage to me. I consider this a new level never approached before, at least in my local history, which goes back decades.

Now I assume the County and local City will take this as usual, which may or may not be correct. After all, I am just a tax payer.

But, I will not let this become usual. Let their mom and dad pay for all this when I hopefully catch them. That ought to begin to change things here locally. And I will actually prosecute criminally and civilly, and see what a local jury decides, rather than listen to some County local attorney. After all, we do need to be protected from vandals.

Like I said, I am not going to take it anymore.

By the way, in my past I have had bullets going by my head in this same area, but times have changed. Now I will "shoot" back, so to speak.

Friday, June 03, 2011

The inmates are not in charge

Of course, it depends on where you live. I live on the Cumberland Plateau in east Tennessee, USA, and this is my report to you. I am age 63, by the way.

The philosophical part is "are we humans all equal"? My opinion and vote is no. Many just need leadership, and behavioral standards to comply with, like work for a living and suffer the normal consequences of responsible life. Now I think most know we humans always have a criminal class around us, but there seems to be another class arising, at least around here.

It has taken decades to happen, but in my mind it is certainly going on.

Here locally the scourge of drugs is a factor. And almost all locals are "white", by the way. Nothing like hearing the old time movie "Jeremiah Johnson" in French, by the way at 0100 in the morning by some drug induced fellow who I tried to help by my charity means. He has since been kicked out since he chooses not to work, but has since moved on to a better option, like local sex and food. And my local government and food banks continue to feed him, I think.

Well, the times they are a changing, in the old Bob Dylan song vernacular. Where ever you live, I encourage you to "change things" in your own way, of course.

Like the title says, the inmates are not in charge. You are.

And more responsible humans will have to act, in their own way, too.