Thursday, April 23, 2009

Don’t mess with my water!

Over the last 100 plus years this place on the Cumberland Plateau in Tennessee has had its own water system. The sources are the springs, and the power is by gravity using a hydraulic ram, which these days are found mostly in the third world.

This whole system would make a hippy proud. My ancestors installed it because they had to, and we newer generations have reinforced success with modest improvements, but have always kept the basic system because it works, and provides good clean spring water.

Now some trespassers have messed with the water tank part of the system. I know they messed up the overflow, and may have contaminated the tank with urine, etc. Now there is a lock on the tank, which at best will delay anyone purposely intent on messing with my water. They probably don’t know the impact of their actions, but my actions have been considerable in countering future such deeds of trespassing and messing with my water.

It seems like too many of today’s kids don’t know the limits of “don’t mess with people’s water”. Why I don’t know; and it may have happened in the past, but any such deeds are lost to the fog of history. Normally such people are seasoned with life’s experiences, or move away. Alternatives like hooking to government water are both expensive and are believed to provide a lower quality of water.

Like I said, don’t mess with my water.