Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Flowers of the forest

The title is a Scottish traditional lament for the dead, at least as I believe on the Cumberland Plateau in this rural part of east Tennessee.

I think about this a lot, for reasons which will follow. Like all humans, I too can have feelings, laments, thoughts, and worries; and plans of action, too.

Now my main lament is that our votes may be taken away in the next few years. Now since all I can report and lament about is the local votes where I live, like school board, city, county, and even State. Now that right now I don't think will happen, though locally some well meaning types may try to do it, like manipulate the local voting system. Much friction will follow, as has happened in my part of the Country.

It is the federal types that worry me a lot. And yes, I lament and have feelings on this subject, too. Anyway, the federal government also collects federal taxes, has rules, and even has a Congress, Executive, and Judiciary which rule at that level, hopefully with friction between all three branches of federal government.

What I worry about is our Federal Executive trying to rule by fiat. These days it is called things like Executive fiat, even Executive authority our elected Congress has given the Executive, which even now has begun having the Congress and Judiciary being ignored. I still wonder why we the people put up with it, but I suspect that may end soon, like in the next 10 years. Here I hope the vote will predominate over another Revolution, which will come if our American vote is ignored.

Now I personally have lived in and under other political systems, and I really don't want to go through a Revolution in America. But I can and will, if I need to. Right now, I think, this Revolution idea is simply beyond the experience of most fellow Americans, all over our Country. A Revolution is not a fun thing for so many. Going through checkpoints and raiding party visits are an obvious example of what I am lamenting. Nobody wants to go through their Family divided, for another example.

Last, another lament. Why did we Americans get to this state? I don't know my answer right now, but I am sure am worried! And I sure have my guesses.

Friday, December 03, 2010

What a bunch of losers

There was a time when the term “lightweight” applied. Now it is much worse I think.

And we elected them. And we can also elect replacements. This assumes “they” won’t try assume some kind of royalty way of ruling, or even try steal our votes. And it has gotten down to even below the federal level, though that federal level stuff gets all the media attention these days on TV. But I can report, at the more local level where I live on the Cumberland Plateau in Tennessee, the vote idea is alive and well at all levels, to include the local levels, to include even the school boards.

So even a normal human like me can distinguish between political ideas and politicians. The losers I think of are too many of the present politicians, and those they hire. Now we do have some good politicians, too, but that is a voter decision.

We can argue and debate over political ideas all we want. After all, all most families want to do is live.

What is happening now is that USA and other citizens of the World are beginning to die at a new rate. Not just cold and hungry, but just die, but more now. Like in wars, present, and probably future, and because our loser politicians are influencing the action.

One definition of insanity, or even political silliness, is to keep repeating the same thing expecting a different outcome. How dumb are we humans, in the end?

Do we New World people have something worth preserving, and even fighting for? I think so when my life and my kid’s life is being threatened, in my opinion.

Now in the USA even a third party is arising in 2010. This one is not based on an individual, but an idea. If you follow this theme, then much change is coming.

The present USA national political parties will sink, in the end. By 2020 things will be different, but still human, I think.

And the political losers will suffer in the end.

Much friction is coming. The status quo politicians at all levels won’t go down easily.

Thursday, December 02, 2010

We New World humans are OK

In this there is hope. Good on us!

What unites us in the world is the ”idea” of family future, and hope in a new land to help in this process. Right now that land is the new world, like our present USA in my case. And as recently as a century or two ago, the idea was agriculture. Now it is more services and sometimes making things.

Much is being said of our new land in the USA. Most of us enjoy what we have, and our hopes and work towards our kid’s future.

Yet much change is going on, too! Mostly it is the idea of a Constitution with legal rights, like the rule of law. That is a bigger deal than who you know, for example.

Hence, we are not too shabby in the new world.

There are other alternatives.

I would rather have a family here, and raise them here.

Let others pursue their goals, while I will pursue mine.

That’s why I like living and voting in the USA.
Now that is an idea worth defending.