Sunday, February 15, 2015

Can and will we fight back now?

Can and will we fight back now?

The question focuses on the nutcase types who are randomly, it seems, killing people, often those who simply disagree with them. These days they tend to be wacko Islamic jihadists, but there are other types like them in our human history, too.
And up front, Islam is a good and God fearing religion to me. I have had too many Muslim employees (and some friends, too) to think otherwise. Many are bitter at what is happening around them.
So how do we fight back right now? By fighting back I mean the obvious, like searching out and stopping these people from killing and maiming our Families and our Friends. Often that means death or locking them up and throwing away the key, so to speak.
Now some politicians want to use all legal means if we the people want to support that idea. But we the people can also replace these elected politicians, too. The method we use will probably vary all over the place. And of course we can fight back using the rules of war, too.
Only time will tell if we even do fight back.  I suspect we will, and as often to protect our children and our Families and Friends.
Plan B is to surrender to these types, but I don’t think that will ever happen on the earth, and certainly not in most civilized countries. Who wants to be ruled by these types, which we already know do exist and live and already kill some of us.
So a battle is coming, and I sure want to be on our side. I don’t want to be on the other side, that is the side of those who intend to kill or maim us for their own personal reasons.
And of course some of our governments are already fighting back using the legal system. But some seem not to even be doing this "what I believe to be a simple defense of our Families and Friends".

From the BBC:

It was always a case of not if but when. What's surprising is that it has taken this long for Denmark to be scarred by a fatal terror attack.
In September it will be 10 years since the Jyllands Posten newspaper inflamed the Muslim world with the publication of 12 cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad, including one of him with a bomb in his turban.
The country has been perpetually vigilant since 2005, after its embassies in the Middle East were burned and Danish exports threatened.
Kurt Westergaard, the 79-year-old cartoonist who drew the seminal turban caricature, has spent the past decade living under a death fatwa (religious ruling). He narrowly escaped an attempt to kill him at home, and had to lock himself into a panic room when a Somali militant broke into his home in the city of Aarhus.
He continues to live under police protection.

Poster’s comments:
1)      This post in no way wants to solicit or suggest vigilantism. That kind of policy is counterproductive to good order and discipline.
2)      Taking an oath, like even during an Inauguration of the Federal President in the new world USA, is more than some quaint ceremony we have. Oaths are serious business for moral people. Now if you can’t swear an oath, then one should not apply for the job.
3)      In sports, the military, and most other aspects of life being on the offense conveys many advantages, especially compared to being on the defense. Usually some combination of offense and the defense in most situations is what results in the course of action taken.

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