Wednesday, February 04, 2015



Now here is a link to the various kinds of fish stew:

Even I in North Carolina USA would go out and catch my own crabs, fish, shrimp, clams, oysters, and even scallops.  That in itself was fun and full of exercise, too.

Then you take it all home, clean up the seafood as best you can, make a broth of your choice to cook the seafood in, heat up some French bread, and wash it all down with some cheap red wine or iced tea with lots of sugar and lemon in it.  All in all this can make a nice Sunday PM meal, for example.

The basic idea is to use the local fish and other seafood to eat as a nifty meal. Now I don’t like fish bones poking my mouth’s tissues, so I usually fillet the fish meat, but that is just me.

Now how you present the meal and even how you eat the meal will probably be different every time, too.

And you can sing or play music, too. Often singing during the collection process can be more like a drinking song or a sports song, and so be it. And since so many of us can’t sing very well, being outside is often a good idea.

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