Tuesday, June 02, 2015

The Cons of the ACA

The Cons of the ACA

ACA = Affordable Care Act [Health Care Act]

Poster’s comments:
1)      Learn First Aid.
2)      Most illnesses and injuries don’t require a doctor’s visit and care.
3)      Many illnesses and injuries do require attention, like from a Nurse or person possessing  care skills and screening skills and first aid skills.
4)      Whether or not to seek a doctor’s  help is a judgment call.
5)      You can customize your first aid skills, like even setting your own priorities for what you learn and in what order. Learning is often a mult-year effort.
6)      Parents can be said to have their priorities already set; like taking care of babies as a first learning skill if they don’t already possess these often used practices.
7)      In all cases, try practice preventive medicine first, and corrective medicine second. For example, it is usually better to treat a deep scratch now, rather than a major infection later.
8)      Getting hurt and sick are expected parts of life, like it or not.

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