Tuesday, June 02, 2015

We need clean water and food to live

We need clean water and food to live

This is a food story.

There is still plenty of food to eat, but sometimes we have to be willing to change some of our habits and customs to benefit from it.  Basic leadership suggests a good way to get from A to B is to transition, and give it some time, too. This idea applies to both the food preparers and the food eaters. We don’t need a revolution. Now we also do benefit from competent leaders and managers, and some seem not well suited for their jobs, though often well intentioned in most of their cases.
In the new world America, we have many habits and customs that may be difficult to change.
Sometimes we may even have to become more Golden Rule oriented than some of us have been in our own pasts. And some of the beneficiaries of noblesse oblige better accommodate, too. Said another way, eat what the food kitchens can offer during any hard times. We’ve been a spoiled country in many ways compared to other countries in our world. And the world’s overall population is one bit of evidence to suggest so.
We will make it, one way or the other.  And by we, I suggest it will be “we the people”, and not the more elite and powerful classes who will try take care of themselves as best they can, and sometimes will. And will we take losses along the way?  Probably and what a shame when it happens. One obvious example is political civil wars that deny populations the food they need to live on. The same idea counts for small and large wars, too.

Poster’s comments:
1)      There is usually one real reason we do things, and many good reasons for explaining our actions, also.
2)     When a young man, I would call my father a “cheapskate”. Now that I am an old man like he became before me, I prefer to call him “thrifty”. He died of old age circa 2002.
3)      The “real reason” this blog offers so many food ideas is to suggest there are still many ways to make good clean food. All the yummy ideas are “good reasons” for doing the same.

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