Thursday, June 04, 2015

Now for the normal process

Now for the normal process

First the lawlessness starts in urban areas.

Often our present societal standards are asserting themselves and it is affecting us all. Mostly that means two things to me. One is that we are electing poor leaders who are just beyond their skill level. 
Not too long ago it was called the “Peter Principal”.  Second is that I perceive the urban gangs and criminals are gaining new ruling authority that nobody will like, speaking for myself of course. Even many Hollywood type movies now promote these low-lifes as some kind of anti-hero, and we go to these movies and pay for them, too.

Second comes the rural areas in the new world America, which often follow the urban areas by a year or two. At one time that idea had a good connotation, but now I think otherwise.
o one can suspect that two things will happen, one good and one bad.

First the good thing. We the people will begin asserting ourselves at all levels, mostly by electing new representatives, Americans all.  And they will do their best to improve things. Now there are some good people already around, and they will get re-elected, while the poorly performing representatives will get replaced.  This is the new world American way, and we have already proved it works just fine. Now it does take time.

Second the bad thing. We (whoever that is) will take casualties in the process.  Often that means untimely deaths (including our children) as the present often elected leaders still have their effects on us, “we the people”. Said another way, the gangs and criminals will still affect us for a while. Now that is a shame, but the alternatives, like a revolution or civil war are even worse, in my opinion. And most probably all the bad stuff from the urban areas will infect the more rural areas, so that process will go on for a while, too, and change eventually.

And then that invites more conjecture type things, like other societies trying to take us down when times are hard here in the new world America. The old time expression is like piling on the perceived weak, and it often has happened. While I can expect we will successfully fight back, never-the-less we will probably suffer in the end. What a shame if that should come to pass.

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