Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Think about it now is my suggestion

Think about it now is my suggestion

What will you do if some weapons of mass destruction (WMD) get unleashed and it affects you and your Family in an adverse way?

Will you act, or react?

Now what do I mean? Mostly what will “we” do if some downrange impacts, like from atomic dust floating and descending on Japan and Hawaii and parts of Canada and even California, end up happening.
For example, the USA got a decent dusting of radioactive Iodine in the 1960’s from the initial above ground atomic testing by China at Lop Nor, and did nothing. Now the radioactive leaks at Fukushima had people overreacting in California at the very low doses that arrived there, again in my opinion. Or the Chernobyl accident in Russia had the Germans reportedly importing food and water to their consulate in Kiev for many years. Now that was an expensive reaction as the local people ate and drank water differently.  And the South Africans and the Israelis jointly tested an atomic bomb in a remote part of the Indian Ocean circa 1979, or so is reported. And of course all these examples involve radioactive impacts. But never forgot chemical and biological impacts, too. Such real world impacts have already happened in the world, too.
Your thoughts and beliefs now can be long term, vice short term to all the doom and gloom things going on around the world, today. Said another way, your decisions and beliefs now will probably help you a lot in the future should such a calamity happen.
Given the present circumstances that seem to see WMD’s spreading throughout the world, the prospect of any such a calamity happening in the next few decades seems to be increasing, like it is becoming a more legitimate fear and worry and something we have to think about sometime. And “any such calamity” could be from a war, or even a terrible accident of some sort. And acting is usually to our advantage, vice reacting.
So I suggest to think ahead in some kind of long term point of view because it sure seems like few of our present leaders (often elected) are thinking this way, and usually for their own reasons. Yet it is of vital national and personal interest to be thinking this way, again I suggest. Even the present status quo, nor the last few decades, are good indicators of our future given the ever expanding  cohort of people who build, possess, and control such WMD’s. So I am not suggesting doing something about it, other than making up your mind as to acting or reacting, and whether to think long term or short term.  That is a big enough issue for “we the people” to think about for now.

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