Friday, June 05, 2015

Navy showers for all

Navy showers for all

What’s a Navy shower.  Here’s one wiki link on the subject:

And where I presently live in east Tennessee, I have plenty of water to waste, I guess. It is spring water, too. Maybe later times will get worse. I don’t know right now. Said another way, now is not a bad time to form more healthy habits in order to survive OK. Our kids who live on ships for long periods already know this routine, too.

But I still try to conserve water use in my own ways, and so can you. And I assume some already do a good job routinely, but there are (in my opinion) still plenty of wasteful people who can probably improve their standards of water use.

So for the conservers, good on ya!  For the water wasters, shame on ya.

It is a “we the people” kind of thing, at least to me.

And it will take time to restore our water tables, too. Many people and cities still depend on wells and water from our aquifers.  Of course it has to rain sometime along the way, too. That includes refilling our water reservoirs which do provide much of our past water for the traditional uses.

Now will some people abuse the whole process, of course. Will some of them be elitists and politicians, probably. But we still need local water in order to best live for we and our Families.  The basic idea is called “one for all, and all for one”. Now Plan B is to move. I am sure some will take that course of action, too. Hence one hopes we have enough water for them when they move to be with us, too.

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