Monday, June 08, 2015

Doing the drill again seems like a good idea every so often

Doing the drill again seems like a good idea every so often

The “drill” is on the subject of religion and just what do I believe?

It always bothered me that sons and daughters of Christians tend to be Christians, and sons and daughters of Muslims tend to be Muslims, and so on.

Back during Fraternity rush at Georgia Tech I took the time to learn more about major religions around the world, and so choose to do so again. The first time was in the 1960’s, and now it is 2015.   
So I will share my most recent religious voyage of sorts in this blog. I will try stay focused on what I perceive to be major religions in both numbers and influence. What I personally believe will be secondary. And I will give myself about a week or two.

In the intervening time, I have traveled a lot around the world, and have come to learn that we humans have more in common than those who don’t travel as much probably know about. Now that idea extends to both good habits and bad habits. So be it.

One obvious example comes to mind. An Afghani friend (back in 1978) and I agreed that in general most mothers consider foreigners dirty, and will almost always wash up the glasses the foreigners drink out of before they allow their children to use the same glasses to drink out of. Now that perceived “rule” is not very religious, but does point out one common habit we both observed as universal.

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