Friday, May 01, 2015

One universal truth

One universal truth

All foreigners are dirty, or could be suspiciously dirty.

That usually means our women, usually mothers of our children, will make sure they (the women) wash the glasses that some foreigner used, like to drink out of.  Then it is cleansed. And their Family can then later use it.

Now when the shoe was on the other foot, like I was a foreigner and the gal washed my glass I used before anyone else in her Family could use it, that kind of hurt my feelings.  After all, I was from America and thought that I was pretty clean (like even food safe clean). But is that is just the way things were those days (circa the 1980’s), and in another society, in my case Afghanistan.

Of course I do not know what it is like these days in 2015.

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