Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Three ways to evaluate who we are

Three ways to evaluate who we are

First is our education, which does help a lot in so many ways.  And these days one’s parents, who are probably pretty sharp already, are less important in gaining some kind of educational advantage that will make us (their children) happy in our own lives. Said another way, they succeeded in their lives, and now it is up to us to succeed in our own lives; and often a good education, if used, helps that cause along the way.

And then there is being smart or dumb, like having a brain that is superior always provides an advantage to those with a smart brain.  Now that is a God like decision.  But this, in my opinion is the least of the three mandatory things I think about when hiring someone.  Hard work and perseverance counts for a lot, too.

Which leads into experience, the third and most important quality one can possess. One can express that several ways. First is the school of hard knocks, and even experiencing failure along the way. 

Most of us fail at some time in our lives.  Second is the old adage of “with age comes wisdom”.  I don’t pursue education and brains until after I pursue experience when hiring.  Experience is a very valuable commodity.

Now we all probably know of exceptions to the rules aforementioned, so in the end one uses their judgment to make some kind of decision as appropriate. 

Sadly, given the present state of affairs, one can be disappointed sometimes.  I define disappointed as good people dying before their time, and then after often suffering a lot, too. Now I think most believe our dogs can suffer a lot, also; but so can we humans, too.
So, and to summarize, think three things:
1)      Education
2)      Brains
3)      Experience
After all, it takes a lot to be a good leader.  Possessing the best qualities often provides a good quality of life, too.

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