Sunday, May 31, 2015

The inner-city poor

The inner-city poor
          I suspect many people think that phrase is a code word or phrase for black or colored or African people brought over here through slavery. But I also live in a rural Appalachian area full of poor Scotch-Irish type white people who tend to be poor (and often criminals and drug users), also.  And I know too many people who are from Native American areas, too. So to me it is truly an economic issue and not a racial or tribal issue. Even NA’s (Native Americans) who suffer from an alcohol gene can do something about that if they choose. Said another way, all these issues are truly American issues that still exist today.
  Now what follows is a history lesson of sorts. Mostly it is my opinion formed from my own education (vice indoctrination). And there won’t be a test.
            Since our USA Great Depression, and even adding in World War II, a lot of people migrated within the USA and often went to now urban areas where the good jobs were at the time. And they got hired. We Americans had really nifty factories in these areas, generally speaking. Often these people often fell in love, married, and raised their Families in these areas, also. That is probably what I would have done at the time. Even racial prejudice was practiced some, too. But now the migration is often turning back, like many people are returning home to now prospects of good jobs in the old hinterland, rural areas and smaller cities if you will. Many old people just want to be buried back at their home where they grew up.  Ah the status quo is changing, and in my opinion, we are now in that phase. It is not done just yet. And racial prejudice is about over in the USA, in my opinion. Now by that I mean legal racial laws and such. Real Racial equality will probably still take much longer, but let’s brag. Where else in the world today is that gonna happen better than right here in our USA.  In the end, I suspect love will conquer all.  Said another way, we humans are mongrels of sorts, and we new world USA types are pretty good mongrels I think.
And that idea applies to our Asian immigrants and ancestors, too.  Harvard University may be promoting it’s own acceptance policy, which is decidedly un-American in my opinion, and will suffer in the end, I also suspect.  
Many people still like pure bred dogs, not mongrel dogs. But, and again in my opinion, mongrel dogs and humans are genetically superior, generally speaking.  Oh well.  No wonder we have a “too many humans on the earth problem” these days. There’s something to say about our human success on the Earth, too.
So back to the inner-city poor idea. I think we Americans will always have an innate instinct to help such people as best we can.  It is for our common good.  And it will take time, often frustrating to many in the pace of change. But we will try, including using “social engineering” methods it appears since we are doing it already. And one can expect mistakes along the way, too.  Just how quickly we learn and do something about our mistakes is always up for grabs, mostly because of our politicians and existing society.  Oh well. But at least we are still trying.
So will we get to some kind of “nirvana”. I presently don’t know. But the path we are on will work, albeit with some improvements in my opinion, I also think. Only time will tell.

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