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MD Sheriff: Police Officers ‘Fearful’ To Do Their Jobs

MD Sheriff: Police Officers ‘Fearful’ To Do Their Jobs

Wicomico County, MD Sheriff Mike Lewis (R) declared that police officers are “fearful” of doing their jobs on Wednesday’s “Hannity” on the Fox News Channel. [Wicomico County is around 84 miles (135 kilometers) from Baltimore County.] [A wiki link on the County can be found at:,_Maryland ].

“Sean, the Baltimore City Police Department, the officers particularly on the street, have been eviscerated, they’ve been disemboweled, their guts removed to have the courage to go out there and do this job. They’re very fearful that if they go out there and be proactive, which we all should be doing in law enforcement today, we can’t afford to be reactive, especially in urban areas. Those officers are no longer being proactive, and as you see, the violence has surged. … And I hope this is a shot fired across the bow of mayors and urban leaders across this country. Once you disembowel your law enforcement officers, then you cannot no longer expect them to go out there and protect you, or protect your communities. This is very troubling the worst I’ve ever seen in 31 years of law enforcement.”
He added, “I’m hearing it all the time. They’re [police officers] fearful at doing their jobs.”

Poster’s comments:
1)      Nobody I know wants to be ruled by criminals and thugs.
2)      I would encourage all leaders to practice leadership as best they can during this time of turmoil, and really at all times.

Here are some comments among the now over 1760 comments (and growing) on this subject:

The blood is on the hands of the Mayor and Mosby the militant black prosecutor...
The police are doing what they should do in Baltimore right now. Just answer 911 calls, and take their time doing that. Don't stop and arrest someone you see mugging somebody or speeding or anything else that isn't reported by someone. Get your paycheck for doing less, and listen to the same people, that were rioting and destroying their city and the businesses they need in their neighborhoods, whine when they are assaulted or robbed and the police don't do anything about it because they're giving you what you asked for. Less police involvement in the community and not arresting blacks because they don't want to appear racist. Soon the thugs will thin each other out.
Of course if they allowed people to get concealed carry permits on demand, if they're legally able to own a firearm, then the citizens could help police the neighborhoods and take out a few of the problem people.

The likelihood of precisely this kind of disengaged police presence in future days, weeks and months (because they have been demoralized and intimidated from doing their jobs by the Democrats elites nationally and locally) ... is PRECISELY why we must zealously protect our 2nd Amendment rights to keep and bear arms.
Our firearms will be the ONLY thing that will keep us from being targeted, robbed, raped and murdered once the police have withdrawn from protecting the citizens in their communities ... because it is simply a "no win" proposition for them to actually do their jobs anymore.
Congratulations Obama, Holder and the DOJ (and all the local drones who are their lackeys) ... you have successfully destroyed the normal balance of the law enforcement function in our nation

Totally bs, they can resign and go home to live in mommy's basement. Bunch of sorry ask cops, baltimore paid out over 5 millions because of their illegal acts over the past few years. I repeat, if you are too sorry to do your job quiet. But stop the third grade whine.

Something is wrong with you in the head friend. Get help.
Wrong, stupid, i am sick of this bigg government big union cops bs, if they had been doing their jobs right, none of this would have happened, now all you hear is the whine, from the most self loveing union thugs in the country. The low iq bunch can always drive garbage pick up trucks.
Yeah, right, blame the cops for the thugs running wild and not obeying orders to stand down. Idiot.
The guy that ended up dead in Baltimore wasn't running wild. The police had zero probable cause to chase, tackle and detain him. He was buying drugs, selling drugs, involved in anything criminal that the cops could see. He didn't threaten anyone, steal anything, bother a soul on that day. He ended up dead. I guess it was his fault and the cops are blameless come on man.
when you wear idiot clothing you can be targeted...
So demoRats are now wearing special clothing, what does it look like, probably diapers?

Why run? If he didn't run would he be dead? We all make choices my friend. If you want to be a criminal that field has a high potential of death or jail. So I will blame the man who ran.
Man, makes perfect sense now.....
So if you are standing on the street, completely innocent of any crime, and a cop walks in your direction, you would just run for no reason whatsoever?

I would. You're ~55 times as likely to be killed by a cop than a terrorist in this country...

Interesting stat. You do realize that if you are a cop you are close to 300% more likely to be shot at by a black man than by any other race right? Or if you are a black man you are 400% more likely to get killed by another black man than by a cop?

So the legal punishment for an innocent man leaving is execution on the spot? Wait, don't courts decide punishment, not cops? Wait, don't only the guilty get punished? What you're saying is it's ok for cops to be outlaws and ignore our entire legal system, Constitution, and Bill of Rights. Yet you don't like criminals. Ironic.
When did they execute him on the spot? I must have missed that part because the other guy in the police van said he was alive and well, pounding his own head against the side of the cage.
He didn't say that. If you check again you'll see he gave a second interview blaming the media and cops for implying he said that. What he really said was he heard his head banging around - not that he was purposely doing it. Completely consistent with a hog tied, unsecured passenger flying around in the back of a roughly driven van. The coroner ruled it a homicide and the State Attorney agrees.

I have checked and he said he changed his story out of fear for his life when he would be released back into the criminal public who would string him up for telling the truth and confirming the police's story. Homicide, as a legal term, just means dying at the hands of another, it does not imply anything criminal happened and it certainly doesn't imply that anyone was executed on the spot.
She's going to look like the fool she is when the truth comes out and they are all exonerated...
you do know that a coroner ruling it a homicide means absolutely nothing legally speaking right? from a coroners perspective it doesnt even require intent...
and the disingenuous state attorney parading that determination around shows her true motives...

         One other person is typing…
Yet, neither one of them is a jury. Funny how one guy allegedly was injured by the way the van was driven and the other one wasn't. Also, was he "hog tied," as you claim, or was he "unsecured and flying about," as you also claim? It can't be both.

He was tied up but they didn't put a seatbelt on him. You can find this in the statements by the State Attorney. This is part of the reason she determined a basis for negligence. I don't recall but don't believe it specified whether the other passenger was belted or not.
It hasn't been established by the courts that the cops are indeed culpable in Freddie Gray's death. Speaking of ironic, it is highly ironic that you have pronounced the cops guilty, while in the same breath berating them for playing judge-jury-executioner themselves.
Introspection prior to posting is your friend, dude.

Notice I and we are letting the courts determine whether these particular officers are guilty or not instead of doing something which leads to their death because we presume them guilty. That's how the system is supposed to work. Speaking of ironic.

What you're saying is it's ok for cops to be outlaws and ignore our entire legal system, Constitution, and Bill of Rights.
Also in our legal system, there is supposed to be a presumption of innocence until guilt has been established by a jury. You seem all too willing to drop that presumption, for whatever reason. And your response to your obvious presumption of guilt is to absolve yourself of it by not participating in mob violence against the officers in question? As if you could be roused to leave the comfort of your home to do any such thing.
Oh, that's just baloney, and you know it.
hey maybe if he was in jail LIKE HE SHOULD HAVE BEEN instead of being set free after 20+ drug, assault convictions...brah' would be alive today. execution is way over the top, save that drama for yo momma.
We have a far greater percentage of our population in prison than supposed communist gulags such as China and Russia. It's attitudes such as yours which make us less than free. The founding fathers envisioned the role of government to protect life, liberty, and property. If a 'drug crime' is a victimless transaction between consenting adults it shouldn't be a crime period. If we stopped putting people in jail for a plant growing in their backyards our prisons would be much less full. It's pretty simple, when you make everything a crime there are suddenly a lot of criminals.
So says every copsucker and jackbootlicker throughout history. "Just submit to the government and you'll be okay". Ask the Indians at Wounded Knee, or the Dividians at Waco, or Vicki Weaver about that...
What's that? You've never heard of the massacre at wounded knee? Well then...your affection for unlimited, all-powerful government makes sense...
No, idiot. He didn't say that. Since when is a cop looking in your direction an order to submit to anything other than common sense? You are more than a bit on the maniacal side. But, don't worry, you have the Baltimore you wanted, now. Funny how it's worse now than under the police state you foolishly pretend existed before.
Way to throw around the childish epithets. Are you 12?
I don't have any Baltimore -- I live as far as possible from the corrupted cesspools known as 'cities'. You speak of so much about which you have no idea.
Nice deflection, by the way, on my examples of murderous government agents who were exonerated and even praised...

And the Gentle Giant Mike Brown was so innocent as he robbed a poor old guys store before he got what he deserved ...

the best sign i saw regarding this episode read "mothers should not fear for their child's life EVERY TIME they rob a store.............."
With all due respect that sign was proven to have been photo shopped...

A photo shopped sign is still a sign.
The guy was a career criminal. Go to Maryland courts on line and view his rap sheet yourself. 25 arrests since he was 18 - and that was just for what he was caught doing...and does not show the times he was apprehended for criminal activity when he was a minor.
Conservatives advocating against fair trials and due process for black Americans by justifying Freddie gray's death through stating his criminal record,....this is conservative bigotry
Your view will generate dozens if not hundreds more Freddie's all over our Country.
And America need to be informed that this country did enslave and segregate a people according to color and the effects are everlasting but racist conservatism denies slavery ever happens but quickly point out Lincoln's political affiliation
Funny that all those Africans were caught and sold into slavery by the black africans and nothing is said about that.
It seems that back then it was village against village for dominate control...
hmm kind of like all those baltimore gang bangers shooting at each other now knowing the populous will do nothing to stop them.

In fact the first slave owner in America was a black man and the first slave was a white man. Look it up!

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