Sunday, May 03, 2015

My hat is off to the good entrepreneurs of the Baltimore Harbor area; and I’m not going back for a while

My hat is off to the good entrepreneurs of the Baltimore Harbor area; and I’m not going back for a while

For those who spent so much time and money to bring back that depressed area, good on ‘em.

I several times traveled from northern Virginia where I lived (at the time) to eat at a restaurant there and enjoy all the sightseeing and other such things that were located in this area.
But since I do have good alternatives to eating out, why would I go in harms way (at least in my imagination) to eat there and even recreate there for the next few years?  And I have been a Marine, so I think I know what I am talking about.
What a shame that this has happened.
The reports the gangsters and mob rule may be taking over are particularly alarming. Whether they are true or not, I don’t know and really don’t care anymore. And the reports are still all over the place, like normal. And for sure I do not live there. The reports so far are both alarming and embarrassing if this kind of thing can even happen, and perhaps now in other urban other places, too. At least that is the fear so many people have these days.
So when I eat out, it will be closer to home and safer to me and my loved ones and friends whom I invite. Said another way, I think I will know what is going on in these more local areas I choose go to and spend my money. Rest assured, it won’t be anywhere in Baltimore. While that is not fair, who are “they” to make me spend my money there, too.
Now I do believe that time heals all wounds, so that will probably happen in the Baltimore Harbor area, too. But, and again, I think it will be a long drought for those who have invested so much time and money in bringing this area back well enough to attract tourists and other such people that spend money. There was a lot to brag about.
And let me hit one obvious point head on. Is it racial, or is it tribal? Having been a Marine, I know better, and most of our enemies don’t want Negro Americans fighting for our Country. And I still think our local police do a very good job. In the same vein, isn’t it amazing so many low life gangster types have gained some political and police powers through our elected governments. Now something is wrong with that picture.
Isn’t it amazing how quickly some things can change?  That includes the entrepreneurs and the voters, too.

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