Tuesday, May 05, 2015

It sure seems silly to me

It sure seems silly to me

Lawmakers pass laws, but not laws that fund the enforcement of said laws. So most people and often our police just ignore these silly new laws.  Said another way, new laws without backing are just a waste of time for so many of us.

Executives in government and even our judges will release prisoners due to overcrowding in jails. Plan B still remains active, like why not build more jails than release the imprisoned? After all, our population is growing, and so should our jail capacity, for example, too. And jails don’t have to be wonderful palaces with clocks on the walls and TV’s in each room.

We, the new world USA, are unilaterally disarming without considering a Plan B, which is more like pay for our National Defense. Of course I thought I had a chance to vote on this issue, but that has never occurred.

Our federal government appears to be doing everything possible to enhance illegal immigration and the start of a new pandemic in our country.  Now that just seems silly to me, including spreading these people around at local taxpayer expense after they land there in these local areas, and not the expense of the federal people working on such a method. That method is often called a “hidden tax”.

Locally, it is called “spray and pay”. The local firefighters will often show up just to watch the house burn down. Said another way, paying local taxes no longer is enough, like we now have to pay on top of that in order to receive fire protection. It sure seems like taxes are just to fund the firefighters way of life, including pensions, rather than “fighting fires”. Similar things are happening in our police protection, too.  Often people now have to hire extra police protection on top of what our taxes pay for.  There is something wrong with that picture.

Drudge reports almost 21% of people in the Baltimore area already work for the government in one form or the other. I would have guessed the number was around 3% to 5%. 21% is just too high for me.

So many old time politicians say spending taxpayer money is the best evidence of their sincere intentions. Nowhere is performance or outcomes ever mentioned. Now I think most people want to help our less well off, but we also expect some kind of positive outcome to the effort. That includes the “less well off” taking advantage of the opportunity when presented to get ahead of their earlier status, vice just taking the taxpayer provided money, and becoming even more dependent.

The effort to “equalize” men and women is a noble effort. But in the military, there are certain combat jobs that require size and strength, often demonstrated by males most often.  Now if we abandon these steadfast requirements, then we are condemning our Nation (and our children) to losing many future battles, and often the outcomes will change our course of history. Plan B is simply to maximize our strengths and minimize our weaknesses as we promote women in the military.

Many are already starting to die at newer and higher rates that reflect the failing “Obama care” policies and new laws that are also closing many urban and rural hospitals. Even long believed in subjects like abortion are now being thrown out the window in favor of the present ruling classes standards, which are often very different when it comes to abortion.

When politicians start getting involved in global warming, and some scientists start getting involved in politics, then we are getting silly again. Even in my own lifetime I can remember the coming global ice age cover story on Time Magazine, and now four decades later it is about the coming global warming problems. Even some politicians want us to change our way of life in order to meet their “scientific judgments” about what to do. Some of these ideas have even extended to thought control and even criminalizing opposing present points of view.

And along those lines, when start  we spending more time indoctrinating our children during their education period of their life, rather than educating them, then we are doing them a serious and immoral service both to their own happiness and ability to contribute to their society during their adult portion of their lives.

Governments that use shenanigans and propaganda and lies to rule are destined to fall on the trash heap of history. The big question is……can we recover from it? For example, after WWII we helped much of the World recover from this terrible world war that affected us all. Now I don’t think we can. 
Said another way, any recovery will take a lot longer, like maybe even centuries.

And last, we get what we pay for. And right now it sure seems like we are not getting what we paid for. And if the taxpayers can’t fund the pay and pensions of this ever growing large government class, then how are these people to survive like the taxpayers already have to do.  At a certain point, there will be a “straw” that broke the camel’s back. And to pursue such a course of action sure seems silly to me.

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