Saturday, May 16, 2015

In honor of a Russian employee

In honor of a Russian employee

He is now dead of cancer from (it is suspected) of having worked in the Soviet nuclear industry.

We met through sports. He would kick my tail and be gracious about, too. I always appreciated that, too.

And like most of us, he truly did love his wife and his kids. He was so proud of his kids.

I won’t say his name because of security concerns.

What seemed crazy to me initially is what a new world it turned out to be. I had spent a lifetime training to fight people like him; and he had spent a lifetime building nukes for the other side; and now here we were in America working together for a project.

So to honor him today, I am making in a Japanese magnetic induction cooker a meal he taught me about. It is basically cabbage and some kind of sausage meat cooked together.  It stank at the time, too, but it did taste quite good, also.

Now of course I have Americanized this meal. So at the local grocery store I bought already shredded cabbage for cole slaw purposes, added some American pork sausage (probably from the Midwest) with German bratwurst seasonings in it, and boosted it up with some onion and even Louisiana Cajun (think France)  type spices. Hope springs eternal as to how it all cooks, and even if it smells some to this American.  

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