Friday, May 08, 2015

Hail and Farewell Responsibilities

Hail and Farewell Responsibilities
1.      Hold a once a month informal get-together.
2.      Here’s a general review list of things new people should know about:
a.      Think assignments as to living and sleeping (to include the two cottages and barn and 4 storage sheds) and bedding (the Hemlocks has some sleeping bags (like 13 (+) I think), etc.  Plus there is a 12 person tent (we have to make a ground cloth from the 4 mil clear plastic rolls here), four cots, a three sided Cliff Field Pool shelter and outhouse, and many sleeping pads. There's also probably 12+ sets of long johns, too (adult size, and some for kids). There's also many extra clothes. There are no leg gaiters presently. Let the boss know just who is here at the time (once a week in writing ideally). Maintain a welcome aboard plan, to include sponsors to teach new arrivals "the way things are setup". Always mention not flushing  bleach, antibacterial stuff, prescription meds, prescription glasses,  water for cleaning paint brushes, oil & grease, hand wipes & female sanitary products, etc & etc. The intent is to maintain the gravity powered septic tank system, which uses bacteria to "digest" things like poop, pee, and routine home cleaning needs. Things that the septic system can't handle should go into the dump (a hole in the ground), since we do have to get rid of this stuff. Bottom line, keeping the septic tank system running protects our long term health, like not getting cholera, as an example. Toilet seats should be left with the lid closed. Hair must cleaned out of the drains when it happens. Each "roof" will have a senior person in charge for all reasons, to include basic health and sanitation and fire prevention. Each house has a broom and dustpan to use to clean. Rugs can be hung out to beat the dust and dirt out of as required. Debris from cleaning should be just "thrown outside" as a start. If the debris builds up, then we can remove it to the woods, burn it, or even put it a hole and eventually bury it.
3.                  Sponsors will act as escorts (to visitors and new arrivals and departures) as required.
4.      The H-1 will coordinate all this.
5.      Mention home school and one-room school house.
6.      Mention religious lay people and what they do.
7.      Solicit new arrivals for jobs they would prefer.
8.      Mention medical “system” at the Hemlocks. Emphasize preventive medicine over corrective medicine.
9.      Mention food cooking and serving methods.

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