Sunday, January 18, 2015

An avid duck hunter story

An avid duck hunter story

The location is on the very cold brine water in the winter at Jacksonville, NC.

The fellow was in a canoe with his faithful black lab dog named Thunder.

Well ole Thunder jumped out of the canoe and overturned the whole thing. While the dog was happy like a lab might be, the human duck hunter was not, and ended up losing his shotgun under the water and in the mud, too.

So the duck hunter eventually left the very cold water and walked a couple of miles to some rural cabin to seek help, mostly because he was wet and getting very cold. Well, the old lady of the house opened the door, looked at him, and said something like “no way”.  So the duck hunter just sat down on the porch and prepared to die.

In the end, things sorted out OK, and the duck hunter and his dog lived.

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