Monday, January 26, 2015

How to build a kiln out of bricks (HOMEMADE)

How to build a kiln out of bricks (HOMEMADE)

This YouTube link is around 16.5 minutes in length:

Poster’s comments:
1)      For convenience, one usually goes to the store.
2)      Expect “firing times” to be longer when using homemade kilns. It is usually a matter of how hot the kiln can get.
3)      One can melt about any kind of metal in order to make “ingots” for barter use, like to barter for food.
4)      While we can’t eat metal, we can eat food.
5)      For old coin collectors, often old coins have a higher metal value than the more modern clad coins. For example, an old silver dollar might be 100% silver while the more modern version might be silver clad on top of a copper core and not worth as much in terms of barter value.
6)      When trying to sell old collections of coins, often the artistic value, like in Franklin Mint coins, is close to zero. The main value is in the metal content.

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