Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Beef pot pie

Beef pot pie

And there are many more recipes on the internet, too.

And all I really want to do is fly:

As a grown man, I was hesitant to buy myself a pink and yellow basket with light-up flowers on the front, but I figured "Why not?" Besides, if the guys I ride with made fun of me, I knew I could just throw a fit and go home, no harm done.

When I first put it on my bike, I thought I'd made a mistake buying it. But as soon as the lights started flashing, it filled my heart with joy and I began to feel free... More free than I'd ever felt before. I took my bike out for a spin with the new bling on the first day of Spring, and I must say there were were quite nice people who seemed to notice it. "Nice basket!" a gentleman I didn't know shouted at me. I suspect he felt joy as well, because he was smiling and laughing. I waved at him merrily as I passed.

As I rode on, I passed a group of girl scouts and I could tell they were jealous of my basket. And then something magical happened: as my heart lifted, the bike began to lift as well! That's right, I started to fly thanks to this basket! I soared high into the air, amongst the birds and clouds. I looked down at the houses below me, a mixture of excitement and wonder mixing with the joy that I had been feeling. Higher and higher, the basket and I went, and soon I was clutching my bike for dear life as the Earth below me became nothing more than a distant memory. In the thin air of the upper stratosphere, the little lights still blinked and filled my heart with joy.

Before long, I could tell that the basket and I had broken free of the Earth's gravitational pull, and we were soaring far away from the planet I had called home. I knew the basket would protect me from the cold, airless void that it was taking me through, but I couldn't help wondering what would happen next? And then I saw it: The basket was taking me to the moon! But we did not land on the moon, the basket and I. Instead we swung around it, looping back and returned safely to Earth! It was a magical journey that I'll never forget!

-Flashing lights which come on while riding.
-Adequate room for doll or stuffed animal.
-Protects rider in outer space.
-Allows user to jump over moon.

-Made of plastic; i.e. might not survive a crash.

Overall: I recommend you try this for yourself, especially if you have a daughter roughly 5-10 years old.

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