Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Sand-Kicker in Chief

Sand-Kicker in Chief

By Russ Vaughn in American Thinker

A retired Army lieutenant colonel, Anthony Shaffer, whom FOX News uses frequently to determine goings-on in the Pentagon, revealed last night that the Army is not the culprit in the cover-up of the Bowe Bergdahl investigation.  According to the colonel’s internal Pentagon sources, the Army has already charged Bergdahl with desertion but has been stymied in pursuing the normal court-martial processes due to oppressive command influence from the White House.  According to Shaffer’s sources, the immediate culprit is Ben Rhodes, current deputy national security adviser for strategic communication for Barack Obama.
White House fear is totally understandable.  If you had traded five key terrorist leaders for one American G.I. and your hero turned out to be a deserter who willingly left his post and his unit and went over to the enemy in time of war, wouldn’t you be embarrassed?  Worse, had you quite publicly invited said deserter’s parents to stroll congenially and intimately through the White House Rose Garden with you, and then had that event broadcast round the world, wouldn’t you be embarrassed?
However, their fear is in no way defensible.  If the president is embarrassed by his reckless diplomacy and his foolishness in courting the family of a possible traitor, so be it.  Were I the president, heads would be rolling for allowing such a public relations disaster to occur and for making me look like such a na├»ve fool.  Of course, the possibility exists that the president was fully aware of a completed Army investigation that had concluded that Bergdahl was a deserter and that this was merely another one of Obama’s long-middle-finger gestures to the nation he purportedly leads.
But in no way does the extant situation justify a national cover-up of the truth surrounding this soldier’s treachery.  The Army has determined that sufficient evidence exists to court-martial PFC Bergdahl (a PFC when he deserted but promoted in absentia to SGT) for desertion in the face of the enemy.  Also, he most probably bears some legal culpability for the several deaths of those soldiers who went searching for him in the belief he might have been kidnapped by the enemy.  Most importantly, the military and veterans’ communities are entitled to a legal resolution of this situation, as it bears directly on the preservation of military rules of duty, honor, and country.
This situation stinks worse than my cat’s litter box, and it is unseemly for our commander-in-chief to be in this particular cat box doing his very best to cover up the political pile of poop that Bowe Bergdahl has become.  Obama can delegate Ben Rhodes to kick all the presidential sand he wants, but no amount of White House effort is ever going to cover the huge political stink that the Bowe Bergdahl affair is about to become.

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