Friday, January 23, 2015

My vote at the Hemlocks

My vote at the Hemlocks
It is only one vote but if enough other people think and vote this way, perhaps we can change things 
to better our and our children’s future prospects.
Enough is enough it seems to me.
The traditional gouge of business types exploiting me is now affecting my life. And I don’t like it at all. It just seems like many business leaders expect me to keep working and paying while they do a poor job at whatever they do. Often the accusation is of them letting me suffer, like from lack of adequate food or heat during the winter, while they and their Families still live high on the hog. So enough is enough, and I will quit paying. Then let’s see what happens.
The traditional gouge of many elected politicians is usually the status quo. What got them there will continue forever is the usual assumption. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Times and circumstances sure do change, too. And the pace is now accelerating. What happens when the whole system collapses, too.
Now if our vote is denied, then often we will revolt. It is only a matter of time, like not if but when. And I sure hope the “revolt” is by the vote and not the gun.
And in fairness, many fellow Americans are already doing a good job, and I applaud them in this regard. Keep it up I would say. You are part of the vanguard of our future.
But standby for change in the interim, for surely it is coming to America. We are where we are in our Nation’s history, and many people don’t like what they see these days. Most know things can be better, and safer, too.
Our two present National political Parties have failed us, I think most people sense.
And what gets me is that it did not happen naturally. More reasonably it was forced on “we the people”, often by those who have learned to exploit the present system and expect the status quo to continue to their benefit.
And we can change the system, but also consider changing those the present system has produced. Said another way, don’t throw out the baby with the dirty bath water. Just try throw out the dirty bath water.
So be it.

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