Friday, January 30, 2015

Greek caviar

Greek caviar

Here’s some links on recipes and other such things on the subject:

Greek caviar on crackers makes a nice super-bowl treat, too.

And many people can catch their own carp, too.

I once worked at a fish market, and a lot of people liked carp fish, too, or so my sales suggested so. I suspect about any kind of fish will work well, too. Most of the people were from eastern Europe, and Asia, too. The fish market where I worked at the time was in Atlanta, Georgia, also.

And in the new world USA caviar is often called fish roe. Fried blue gill fish roe was especially good in my mind. And it came from fishing at an abandoned rock quarry in middle Tennessee, by the way. 
I remember all the fossils in the rock, too. I was probably around age 12 at the time.

Something like serving fish eggs or roe sushi style is not bad, either. Just don’t forget the serving stuff, like soy sauce; and horseradish paste, or wasibi, or ginger powder, or even fresh sliced ginger root.

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