Sunday, April 26, 2015

Why did it take this long?

Why did it take this long?

The subject is the Brian Williams saga at NBC news.  Right now he is on suspension without pay. And the saga is still continuing.
My questions are these:
1)      Why does it take a TV business like NBC to finally investigate his obvious shenanigans which have been going on for a long time? Many people already knew this.
2)      So why are so many at NBC (National Broadcasting Corporation) just “discovering” all this? It kind of reminds me of the old movie Casablanca.
3)      Is it just the money issue, like how much income NBC News generated from his anchor position and his daily report to the Nation. It was a lot of income.
4)      Why did not the public (like we the people) prosecutors (whom our taxes pay for) ever get involved?  That is a biggie question, to me. The subject and question has not even come up so far as I can tell. And NBC does broadcast per licenses they pay for through the governments over them.
5)      Are the Board of Directors and the CEO complicit in all this?  It is generally perceived  that the Board of Directors often reached these lofty positions by virtue of previous outstanding service in other jobs.  But they still had a job to perform that the public trusted them to do.
6)      Accurate and trustworthy reporting of the human and mother-nature type news now appears to be well beyond those presently hired and serving at NBC news it seems by all the reports one reads these days. Rather they seemed to want to promote their own opinions in the past, and even those of Brian Williams, who made up a lot of his past stories (now they were often good stories), it now seems. And his stories were reported as the “news” in his daily National broadcast by NBC.

April 27, 2015


Addendum to the NBC News saga about Brian Williams

To me it is mostly about integrity and even morals.

Now I hear millions of viewers, and even some of his friends, want him back.
Oh well.
And all I want to do is trust the news I hear and see on TV.
Now at age 67 I can even remember when there was no National TV news, and even when Huntley and Brinkley started a 15 minute National News broadcast on NBC, probably around 1965, give or take a year or so. I thought it was a good idea at the time.

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