Friday, April 24, 2015

This is How USA Could Destroy Russian S-300 in The Future - DARPA's Project

This is How USA Could Destroy Russian S-300 in The Future - DARPA's Project

Nobody I know is ten feet tall.

Even the Russian S300 missile itself (not the whole system)  failed in a launch in the end, and ended up killing some Russians (about 6) a few months ago. So here is a USA made animation of what we are doing about all this, like showing a good way to defeat the S300.  Of course it is “perfect” in the animation, but probably more down to earth in the application and less than perfect, like we are five feet tall vice being ten feet tall.
            Here’s a YouTube video on the subject:

Now we Americans have had an advantage. It is called education of our youth. For example, there are 6,280 mils in a circle (the French definition). The Russians use 6,000 mils, the Americans use 6,400 mils, and the Swedes use 6,300 mils. All require some compensation in the math, by the way; and the closer to the best number of 6,280 the better, like more accurate.  This is where education comes in.
So if you send your kids to volunteer in the military in the new world USA, the assumption that they are educated, vice indoctrinated, is a good way to start. Said another way, I thing we Americans count on it. Same idea goes for recreational drug use, too. In general, those who choose to use recreational drugs probably do not contribute to our National Defense, though many are often happy and escapist, probably.
So if we have become dumbed-down  and recreationally drugged some, hopefully our colleges (I’ve personally given up on K-12 for next few years) and even the military schools will spend some time on improving our ability to read and write, and add and subtract.  That is a good way to defeat what the bad guys and girls are doing right now to advance their own way and to end our way of life. Said another way, there are still many people in the world who want to impose themselves and their own religion and values on us. And there are still many Americans who will resist all this to the best of their ability and ways. Thank goodness.

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