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Tyranny 101, by M.T. – Part 1

This article is a fairly long read, but given the topic, it’s an extremely valuable endeavor. Tyranny is not to be taken lightly; it is as serious as a heart attack or, more aptly, a nuclear strike on our nation. Everything is on the line these days, whether it’s about you and your family or the entire free world. We must all have the courage to stand firm in the truth and the wisdom to prepare for the inevitable. You need strength to get through the truth of our reality, which is exposed in this article.
Tyranny, can you define it? I can, yet the guilty have already done so by their words and their actions. What is to follow are factual, documented pieces to a picture puzzle that spells out tyranny, in no uncertain terms. In fact, there are no gaps between all the dots; it’s clearly been filled in and spelled out. The following truth must be understood, or freedom everywhere will cease to exist, on our watch.
The following information is true and verifiable; the conclusion is devastating to everyone, let alone anyone who has blinders on. Normalcy bias is a tough jump to reality. It’s as tough as if the woman of your dreams– your virgin bride of two years– was exposed as having been a teenage prostitute. (Furthermore, she liked it and the movies prove it. Or was it your daughter?) Some things are extremely difficult to accept, especially for those who dedicated their very lives, as Americans, to a mission that may have taken a family member’s life, or the life of a fellow soldier or a friend. It’s very difficult and painful to believe that your trusted leaders are actually lying to your face, likely laughing behind your back, and have been for decades.
Patriotism is often used as a tool to keep people in line, under control. Wars fulfill this role quite well; hence the concern that world war three appears be on the near horizon, as the truth and the economy is backing the tyrants into the corner. Those telling the lies, stating that the economy is recovering and that Obama’s economic actions are working, will need a scapegoat when it all comes crashing down. Creating or promoting a war will allow the powers that be, around the world, to blame the war rather than the existing Ponzi scheme that is running its course. All the while, the uninformed sheeple will rally around the government via the dynamics of patriotism. It’s quite possible that our enemies will attack us when we are at our weakest point. Be aware, and prepare for the future; it is not going to go well, no matter the course it takes.
To fully understand the depth of the tyranny as well as to comprehend the picture being painted, one should research the links provided, as that is where the meat of the story lies. Be sure to read the follow up comments, as there is much wisdom to be found from your fellow citizens. The sleeping giant is no longer sleeping.
The evidence presented here is concrete, easily researched, and conclusive. A bullet between the eyes leaves little doubt as to the cause of death, and neither will the evidence presented here need any additional support. It alone is enough to define the tyranny of our government, yet it is but the tip of the tip of the iceberg. If in doubt, research each topic deeply. Beware; the communist trolls are pushing the truth further back on the search pages. Believe it or not, they are paid to do so.
This tyranny began a long time ago.
This link is invaluable to understanding the attempt to create a global market of slavery based on carbon taxation, rooted in an environmental lie (Global Cooling, Global Warming, Climate Change), as well as the fallacy of modern fiat banking and exactly where that is leading (economic collapse). Read this link in its entirety. Hint: the Federal Reserve is privately-owned by the wealthiest families on the planet, and they control our money and destiny for their own enrichment. Imagine owning all of the world’s natural resources, including the land in its entirety, and having a slave base measured in the billions. (It’s pure evil at the end of the day.)
Consider our government’s role in creating the United Nations in 1945. A committee of approximately twenty legislators was responsible. Most were later exposed as communists or communist sympathizers with the Venona Release, Alger Hiss being the most well-known traitor. He led the committee!
Consider the following paragraphs found in this informative link.
The first Secretary General of the U.N., at its founding conference in San Francisco, June 26, 1945, was Soviet espionage agent Alger Hiss. His appointment had been approved by Stalin at the Yalta Conference. Hiss had served as “international organization specialist”. Many Communists were among the American delegation. They drew excellent salaries from the U.S. taxpayers, as is the case today.
Harry Dexter White was the assistant Secretary of the Treasury. Laughlin Currie was the Special Assistant to President Franklin Roosevelt. Lawrence Duggan, Noel Field, Harold Glasser, Irving Kaplan, Nathan Gregory Silvermaster, Victor Perlo, and Julian Wadleigh were pro-Communist operatives, who played major roles in planning the U.N. structure, along with Solomon Adler, Frank Coe, Abraham G. Silverman, William H. Taylor, William L. Ullman, John Carter Vincent, and David Weintraub.
It was agreed that the Undersecretary-General for Political and Security Council Affairs, with direct control over military operations, would always be a Soviet. The U.N. was virtually overrun by Communists, according to Senator James O. Eastland’s testimony to a Senate Committee in 1952.
“I am appalled at the extensive evidence indicating that there is today in the U.N. among the American employees there, the greatest concentration of Communists that this committee has ever encountered,” Senator Eastwood told the committee. “These people occupy high positions. They have very high salaries, and almost all of these people have, in the past, been employees in the U.S. government in high and sensitive positions.”
The U.N. has been described as a “Trojan horse” for Left wing ideology. In 1915, Lenin proposed a “United States of the World”. In 1936, the Communist International proclaimed:
“Dictatorship can be established only by a victory of socialism in different countries after which the proletariat Republics would unite on federal lines with those already in existence, and this system of federal unions would expand…at length forming the World Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.” Today, they (Bush Sr., Bush Jr., the Clinton’s, Obama, Biden, Soros, Bill Gates, Ted Turner, the Pope, and numerous other politicians and world leaders) refer to this in a wanting manner as the “new world order”.
The Venona release vindicated Joe McCarthy. When he was exposing the Soviets subversion of our government, Hollywood, and others, he was humiliated, marginalized, and removed. This is now well known as a Saul Alinsky tactic. With the fall of the Soviet Union, it was established that Joe was right. As a critical thinker, one must realize those Soviet sympathizers remained in their positions of power and influence. In fact, they rose up the ladder of power and position, and they recruited more and more comrades in their endeavor to bring America to its knees via the infamous “fifth column”. Just as Kruschev and Stalin stated, they would defeat America without firing a shot. He knew what McCarthy knew. The Soviets had infiltrated our government, the military, the media, Hollywood, education, the courts, the church, labor, defense corporations, et cetera. This is why our presidents mention this new world order so fondly. This is why we are exactly where we are this day– on the verge of collapse and chaos. Our plight is not due to an inept bureaucracy; it’s intentional. It’s treason.
Let’s go back to the United Nations, which was created by Communist infiltraitors within our government who to take control of the world, simultaneously conquering America. In 1961 our state department (think entrenched communists) wrote the plan called “Freedom from War” for the UN to implement. It was designed to disarm the world’s peoples and militaries, establish a police state in every nation state, and transition all nations to international law that is established and enforced by an ever-growing UN. America would become but one of the many regions that the UN would fully control, losing all sovereignty. The Constitution would be extinct along with those unalienable rights. We, the people, would no longer be free, as our Republic would be destroyed. A new world order would supplant every nation’s sovereignty. Instead of a world based on individual freedom, we would have a world based on collectivist slavery, a world of two classes– the elite and their slaves.
Is this not tyranny? Is this a government of, by, and for the people? I think not. (Feeling queasy yet?) The leaders of this nation have thrown the people under the bus. That’s .0000000666 + or – percent of the population we call leaders/politicians/fascists and communists that are responsible for intentionally destroying this country. Will we stand by and allow them to succeed? I will reiterate that this plan, as outlined in “Freedom From War” (FFW), is true and is easily researched. THIS WAS AND IS TYRANNY TO THE MAX!
Notice this very important statement in FFW for those who might say, this is old news and not viable today: “The negotiating states are called upon to develop the program into a detailed plan for general and complete disarmament and to continue their efforts without interruption, until the whole program has been achieved.” This is embedded in “Freedom From War”. We see this reality developing, as America is virtually the last “free” nation with a population that is still armed. Since this plan was implemented, the European Union, the United Kingdom, Mexico, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, China, and a host of third world countries have seen the population disarmed and most militaries weakened. For all practical purposes, we are the last and the most difficult free nation left to disarm.
Here are a few, recent examples that reinforce our government’s subversion: The ongoing effort to supplant the Second Amendment with the UN Small Arms Treaty, as well as the Assault Weapons Ban, which pertains directly to the citizens. They must disarm America’s citizens. We are a very formidable force, as a whole. If they can’t, they are very likely to nuke the country as a justifiable alternative to gain world dominance. Don’t underestimate their resolve to achieve their ends. To them, it’s better to take America intact, but to sacrifice the infrastructure is a short-term loss compared to a long-term gain and is acceptable and preferable to failure.
Recently our government gave Lebanon two hundred armored personnel vehicles, and Egypt received two hundred of our M1 Abrams tanks and twenty F-16 jets. Obama, via executive order, just pledged Russia 700 million tax dollars to purchase helicopters for Afghanistan, superseding congress, the rule of law, and any monetary gain for our own aviation industry. Sequestration, by design, was to hurt the military. Benghazi was an arms running scheme; we were and are arming Anti-American Muslim terrorists. When we toppled Libya, close to twenty thousand shoulder-fired anti aircraft weapons and an arsenal of military arms and ammo ended up in terrorist control. It all adds up to the fact that the administration is undermining our military and this nation on every front, while simultaneously arming those dedicated to destroying our only ally in the Middle East– Israel. Consider our government’s influence in destabilizing the Middle East last year and recently in Syria. Consider the growth and use of the UN “Peacekeepers” as laid out in the FFW document.
We have seen the war on drugs become the vehicle to bring about the police state, escalating to the point that SWAT teams have become paramilitary units throughout America and the world. We have seen Posse Comitatus swept aside, as the military takes to the streets through out the nation in times of “emergency”, setting precedent of disarming law-abiding citizens during Katrina and Hurricane Sandy. We see a Homeland Security Metropolitan Police Force taking shape throughout the country, and we watch this on the boob tube reality shows nightly, conditioning the population to accept unconstitutional police overreach. We have heard the president call for a civilian defense force stronger and better funded than the military as they arm America’s police force with surplus military equipment. The NSA is tracking you digitally, through vast camera systems and RFID technology. Again, you need not ask why; it’s the police state mentioned in FFW. It’s TYRANNY!, and it’s going to get much worse. Wait till Obamacare’s teeth are exposed!
We are seeing our government concede to international law that is highly destructive to our Republic for no gains in return.
These two links are priceless for understanding it’s not about helping the less fortunate; it’s about destroying America and making us a third world country.
Informed military men and women see the government attacking and weakening the armed forces at every turn; the rules of engagement and the insane government intrusion in fighting wars over the last six decades have been and are exponentially increasing the danger and detriment to the forces and their mission. Face it; the government uses the military as pawns, with little moral or defensive concerns. The military has been infiltrated and is being destroyed from within. Key officers are being relieved of duty at an alarming rate. Soldiers are quizzed if they will shoot American citizens today. Those that say “yes” are directed to certain programs.
Some other very important pieces of the puzzle are the NDAA– National Defense Authorization Act of 2012 and 2013. In these and a host of executive orders, the government has given themselves the “legal right” to incarcerate anyone in the U.S. without any legal rights whatsoever. The detainee is given no right to a lawyer, and those involved have no mandate to even tell anyone that someone is in custody. They have made it legal to lie to the population via a complicit media and the leftist bastions of Hollywood, based solely on propaganda to further the new world order. They wrote themselves the legal right to lie to the citizens of this nation in NDAA 2013. All media is now suspect and can’t be trusted to tell the truth. A poll is of no value, other than as propaganda, to the ill informed. Just as market reports sighting positive statistics are usually proven wrong, for a reason. They lie consistently, but most sheeple absorb the information and actually believe it. This is complicit, conspiratorial TREASON!
The office of the president has established the right, via executive orders, to call a state of emergency without telling anyone, even Congress, why. In this state of emergency, they have made it legal to declare martial law; confiscate all food, fuel, vehicles, money, savings accounts, gold, guns, ammo, homes, farms, livestock, equipment, and literally anything and everything you own; and even force citizens to relocate and be placed to work in work camps. Did you get that? This is all found in the National Resources Preparedness Act. They ignore our unalienable rights under God and the Republic in totality. Why would they write these unconstitutional laws? This is TYRANNY. NEED YOU SEE MORE? THIS IS TRUE, AS IS EVERYTHING ELSE HERE.
Yet, consider today’s Democrat party, also known as Liberals and Progressives, who speak of and act toward spreading the wealth and social justice. Both are major tenets to the socialist party, which is nothing but the precursor to communism. They no longer hide who they are. By the way, the Republican Party is full of them, too; they just call them RINO’s. The two parties are just two sides of the same coin. Good cop bad cop is their routine. If the media or other entrenched politicians do not expose the tyranny, they are either complicit, corrupt, or cowards. The recent Senate decision to transition from a sixty percent vote to a simple majority will allow the current “administraitors” to fill the courts with judges who will assist in the tyranny. If the courts are fully subverted, is there any hope of putting a check on tyranny? If they get away with this so easily, what’s next? It’s all by design. The first judge Obama put in place has the responsibility of determining if a law is constitutional or not. Isn’t that the fox guarding the hen house? Wake up folks!
Recognize that our economic plight is not by chance. The manufacturing base did not move overseas for the weather. No, the government intentionally made regulations that forced them to; it’s called “globalism”. Our eighteen trillion-dollar debt and unfunded liabilities in the hundred and twenty trillion-dollar area is not by accident, nor was the foreclosure crises. Today, they are stealing the wealth of virtually everyone, and it’s going to jump even more dramatically with Obamacare, as we see rates doubling and tripling. Recognize the health care industry is no less than fifteen percent of our economy; when it fails, it guarantees the demise of this nation. Do you think it’s by accident that it’s failing?
It’s often been said, we have the soapbox, the ballot box, and then very reluctantly the ammo box to address the issues. Let’s consider this train of thought for a minute. The jury box is comprised of the general, dumbed-down population and a nation proven to be without the rule of law; hence there’s vacancy here, though one could argue that we, “the informed jury”, will rule some day.)
It’s time to look inward for courage and outward for allies. Thankfully, they are more numerous than flies on a carcass, which is something else we all better prepare for, both mentally and physically. Historically, disease is the leading cause of death in war-ravaged areas. (Stock antiseptics, hand cleaner, and pest control products.)
Consider that the U.S. Army is soliciting jobs for “internment camp specialists”, controlling prisoners based on social security numbers, with red and blue as another definitive marker. Soldiers are also asked if they will shoot Americans.
It’s interesting that the mantra of this link states that there is no left or right; there is only tyranny or freedom. That’s so true. Today, we have two parties, just as there are two sides of the same coin; heads you loose and tails they win. It’s a sideshow to keep you busy. Politics, as seen on Fox, MSNBC, or CNN, is nothing but a mechanism to keep you neutralized. These people are not stupid, nor are we. It’s treason.
If the media does not call it what it is, they are part of the fifth column, or is it the fourth branch of government? It’s that simple. It’s that transparent. There is no excuse for them to ignore the tyranny at this point. We expect them to call a spade a spade; that’s all we ask. Yet, why do none dare call it full-blown treason?
I’ve shared all of this, and I did not mention the Bilderbergers, The Council on Foreign Relations, the Tri Lateral Commission, the Bohemian Grove, or Skull n Bones! Hint: Men do conspire to enrich themselves and subjugate others. All these organizations warrant deep research. Conspiracy theories are fully-exposed today. Every one of the above-named organizations work toward a goal that affects the people of this nation and the planet in dark, dark ways.

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