Saturday, January 17, 2015

How to Use Aluminum Cans to Prevent Creosote

Poster’s comments:

1)       Any kind of hot fire will usually flake off the creosote. I already use either locally cut cedar or locust to do that. Now be careful if you have let the creosote build up as you may start a “chimney fire” that way. Chimney fires can be very dangerous.                 
2)      I spoke with a fellow who does it, as well as his Dad. And they swear by it. In their cases, they use a wood stove vice a fire place. And “it”is burning some empty aluminum cans in the wood stove. I believe their intent was also to save money, too.
3)      The “snake oil” stuff and the scientific mumbo jumbo is all over the place on this subject, so I don’t know for sure why it works.
4)      I have not tried this idea with aluminum foil, but that should work, too.
5)      Then one should just get the burned can remains out of the ashes and recycle them as they see fit.

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