Friday, January 16, 2015

Good enough is “good enough”

Good enough is “good enough”

Now I think we all prefer a 100% solution to anything, especially if it applies to our health and safety.

But that kind of 100% solution is often very expensive and also unpredictable, too. Families do get bankrupted, all too often, and in spite of all our government ways to ameliorate it, like help them out financially with tax money.

How about a 95% solution, like “good enough”.  That seems to be more thrifty.  Now 100% is always better, but not always achievable even today.

After all, we all know we are going to die sometime anyway. And whenever that happens is always painful to the bereaved Family and Friends. We all know that, too; whether it is the death of an older person or a younger person “before their time” and with all their potential.

And then there is just engineering kind of things, too.  Getting around by transportation, be it by car, or bus, or train, or airplane is seldom 100% guaranteed. Just look at the track record of accidents. 

And often bad weather or nighttime is a factor, too.

And then sometimes we just get real sick and die as a result.

So for all that live longer and even into old age, thank goodness. And for all those who don’t make it, it is a sad affair the living do have to go through as they grieve and miss their loved ones who just died too early. Usually time heals all wounds, and they will get over it before they die, too. Now sometimes it doesn’t happen. Every case is different.

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