Saturday, January 17, 2015

Brown Rice Pasta

Brown Rice Pasta

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Poster’s comments:
1)      If times should get hard, we will usually eat about anything if hungry enough.
2)      Some things we eat can be better for us health wise than other things.
3)      We can even eat bugs and other such things like our ancestors did, and even today many Asians in Asia still do.
4)      I keep my brown rice pasta in the freezer to extend the shelf life when I can.
5)      I prefer to use the juices of whatever meal I am making to soak into the pasta, vice boiling it in water first, and then putting the pasta into the juices and meal I happen to be making. Now this does take time, so a little planning ahead always helps me.
6)      I had a roommate at Georgia Tech whose mother I now recall was Italian, and his father was Jewish from somewhere. He made a very good spaghetti sauce which I presume his mother taught him how to do. I am even using his ideas in 2015, too.

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